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Debate Tuesday: Bush's Second-Term Agenda

January 4, 2005

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Mark debates THE INSIDE SCOOP’s favorite Republican, State Chair of Utah College Republicans Tom Robins, fresh from the new Utah Governor’s inauguration.

Here’s what half of America voted for, whether they know it or not:
– Ending Social Security
– Protecting Corporation’s Right to Harm Consumers by Limiting their Right to Sue
– Packing the Courts with Right-Wing Judges (and complaining about Democrats’ not confirming them after hundreds of Clinton judges were refused an up-or-down vote)
– Watering Down Congressional Ethics to Allow Indicted Felons to Run the Congress (a present for Tom Delay)
– Destroying the Last American Wildnerness (in the Arctic) by Drilling for Oil
– Removing Protections Against Corporate Fraud (so that corporations can continue to steal billions from shareholders and their own employees)
– Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Stay (undercutting American jobs, while making sure the illegal work for slave wages and can’t become citizens to escape their indentured-servant status)
– Giving the Medal of Freedom to heroes like George Tenet and Donald Rumsfeld: Tenet for his brilliance in preventing any terrorist attack from harming any Americans on September 11, 2001; and Rumsfeld, for his genius in conducting a short war in Iraq with worldwide support, with little cost paid entirely by Iraqis, and low loss of lives in a country that, as he promised, greeted us as liberators. Both men definitely deserve the highest honor the country can give for protecting us from terrorism.
It’s an ambitious agenda, but it’s what Americans voted for in November 2004. Right?

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  • Tecumseh Smith January 8, 2005 8:54 am

    Native Americans could never understand how the white-man could put lines on a piece of paper and call the land his