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Debate Monday

October 5, 2009

Mark debates Republican strategist Mike Lane on:
– Iran
– Afghanistan and Counter-Insurgency Strategy
– Health Insurance Reform (including the “Mark Levine One-Sentence Solution to Health Reform”)
– The Economy
– The Pending Supreme Court Case on Whether to Allow Corporations to Fund Political Campaigns

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  • Col. Blisteronmybutt October 13, 2009 10:29 am

    No Return to Eden
    War, war, war,
    more, more, more
    quasi-imperialism in store
    for the nation already sore,
    and wondering what militarism is good for,
    will the present incursion
    even decrease our depression
    into the face of fear,
    oh Lord,
    when will we finally learn our lesson
    that compassion is the true cure for terror,
    as well as our dysfunctional desire
    to corrupt our relationship with nature,
    so we stare with despair
    into the abyss
    that stares back into us,
    while the question of our survival
    at this point of no return to Eden,
    has become quite rhetorical.

  • Robt October 7, 2009 4:18 am

    On the Rachel Maddow show presented a segment on business’s that want to attack/oppose individuals or groups without being disclosed who pays for the attacks. Was discussed with a guest defending his attack without disclosing who pays him. Theri privacy is protected he stated. He called it free speech.
    Is free speech in terms of money allowed to be anonymous.
    How can monied free speech (influence) be legally anonymous?
    If anonymous monied free speech is legally constitutional. How does the constitution provide to prevent foriegn money becoming protected anonymous free speech in American elections?