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Decreasing Shows, Increasing Listenership

January 17, 2006

“For me, on THE INSIDE SCOOP, content has always been my first priority. I have worked hard for almost three years now to bring you exceptional guests, first-rate analysis, and lots of “news the Government does not want you to know.” But, as anyone in radio knows, the product you put out rarely makes a difference to your success. What makes a difference is listeners, stations, and advertising. So, while I’ve had phenomenal success in breaking stories and attracting the podcast community — 20,000 at last count subscribe — it’s important that I re-focus the effort on attracting new stations and new listeners. You can help by encouraging local radio stations to carry THE INSIDE SCOOP.
“THE INSIDE SCOOP will continue every week, at least twice a week, with the stories and analysis you have come to appreciate. The blog will continue, I hope, to be a place of interesting exchanges of views and debate and occasional poetry. I’m not going anywhere. And as more radio stations capture my Sunday show — and more television stations my Monday show — I will be able to return to five days a week doing what I like best, giving you THE INSIDE SCOOP.”
— Mark Levine

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  • Robt January 28, 2006 1:03 am

    You slothy American auto workers,
    You let yourself fall and lag in education while you toiled daily and worked possibly 12 hrs a day doing what you could to keep the company competitive in spite of the execs. This saved the auto CEO’s much money to brag to the board of directors of their managing worth. It also provided the companies to horde at the trough. It will be blamed on you, The American worker. You were just way too greedy to want a small piece of the pie for the foolish notion of health care for example.
    George Bush has already put on display, his and his parties compassion toward the the American middle class. To be more specific of recent, the American auto worker this time. They never should have let themselves get so ignorant? If only they didn’t show loyalty and show up for a job that needed done and provided for their families. The company needed them and this is their reward for years of loyal service.
    Thanks Mr President, for showing any, sympathy,
    leadership, concern to the economy, not even one of those religious right spiritual moments. Hope you are eaves-dropping on this blog. Because your a real class act Mr. President.
    It is going to be interesting how you deal with these unemployment numbers. Mr President if you must, to get with the program “go have an affair and get laid”. It is becoming a war on the middle class…And I really think if those who continue to support this direction Bush and Co. are leading us to, best start using that prayer they like to bandy about. What a President!

  • Mark Levine January 28, 2006 12:55 am

    Thanks for the suggestion, Jeff. Actually it’s already in the works. 😀
    I expect it’ll be up my March and, if I’m lucky, February!