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Happy Martin Luther King Day

January 16, 2006

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  • Robt January 18, 2006 3:04 am

    Buging me in the absence of Mark, eh?
    Kerry can find God’s side and along the way discourage any poor choices of abortion,
    Meanwhile Bush and his ego believe God is on his side to kill God’s own children and steal from them.
    It is more likely a color of people issue.
    –and for “knowing you better than that” Well Vicky I know of what I’ve read. But like face to face, the eye and body movement tells many things when the words say something else.
    The supreme Court upholding Oregon’s state rights over assisted suicide seems interesting. I am sure Ashcroft and Bush are besides themselves. They should just order it so. Bush is the Dictator in chief.

  • Vicky January 17, 2006 6:39 pm

    Robt – I know – I was just trying to bug you….about the copy and paste thing.
    It’s not so much a color issue as a people issue.
    How could John Kerry seek and find “God’s side” and still promote abortion? Come on Roberto – you know me better than that.

  • Robt January 17, 2006 1:25 pm

    “All” that paste & copying was simply to give a glimpse that the info is out there, other than my own outlook. Robertson being the notable easier to depict.
    Alot of these spiritual leaders have much to be desired as pertainimg to religious freedom.
    Religious freedom day is fine. I just think it lost its directed meaning. I did notice alot of “other than Martin L. King” news and such. A radio talk show had a bunch of people with convoluted ideas over Mr King. Grasping at straws to paint the civil rights leader negatively. One proclaimed that we should have “John Wayne day” instead, not as well. But instead. Was there really religious freedom for blacks prior civil rights action?
    Oh, suppose one could point out an exeption or two. Last year the press made no deal of religious freedon day. Now it falls on the same day as King and Whah-llah.
    Not to be racial but non black seem to see religious freedom day and neglect the memory of Martin L. King. I prefer to see those rejoicing in Kings memory and the civil rights movement. It does make them American more so from the cotton pickin separate drinking fountains they endured,and worse.
    Hey listen, who’s being presumptious when they ask, “why didn’t Kerry try to find God’s side”???????
    You know he didn’t seek and find God’s side for a fact? You know he didn’t find it and stay on it for a fact? And is still on it?