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DIALOGUE: On Torture

April 28, 2009

(lost first couple of minutes on audio archive)

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  • Robt May 7, 2009 12:31 am

    Was the Nurumberg trials illegal? Was the United States wrong to try and convict these war crimes?
    When America tried and convicted Japanese soldiers for “waterboarding” U.S. troops. Was America wrong again?
    Was Nixon correct when he told Frost that “when the President does it, it is legal”?
    Isn’t that what Cheney is saying? the Republicans as well?
    Why did the republican’s care to impeach Clinton for sex if the president does it, it is legal?
    So when Bush lied to America and went to war and occupation of Iraq as a immediate imminent nuclear threat to the U.S., that is legal too?
    If no one directly involved in this is not held accountable, Nixon was right that the President is above the law. Haven’t we seen the above the law in our justice system over the years? How many Congressmen are held accountable to laws everyday Americans are dragged to jail for? can you admit that the president is above the law
    and America is no a Democratic republic but a dictatorial monarchy?
    This is the country I served in the military to defend for 12 years?

  • Robt May 5, 2009 3:15 am

    Recently Jonah Golberg wrote a little article promoting the good use of torture. He attempts to make the case that during WWII, if the British or Americans tortured it might have saved more lives.
    He even made a claim that torture could have prevented the Holocaust.
    He asks, If you would approve of torture to stop the Holocaust from occuring?
    I do ot think this is near sane reasoning. How many people would it take to torture to stop the Holocaust from happening?
    There is no arbitrary amount of people tortured that equates stopping the Holocaust from happening.
    and on another level, We have Condi Rice with her Nixon/Frost moment , then dressed down on torture by a fourth grade class.
    Is there a time limit on prosecuting any of the Bush Adm on torture?

  • Robt April 29, 2009 3:55 am

    And what did our president have to say of war crimes and its punishment?