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Did a Republican Congressman Rig the 2004 Election?

December 19, 2004

(archived broadcast ) (.wma download)
Mark’s guests will be Clinton Curtis, who says he was contacted by Congressman Tom Feeney (then-Republican Speaker of the Florida House), and asked to develop software to rig the election. To read Mr. Curtis’ sworn affidavit, click here (courtesy of The Brad Blog, which broke the story and

For over a week, Mark has attempted to get a comment from Congressman Feeney. Feeney’s refusal to respond — even to deny the allegations — speaks volumes.
Mark’s other guest is David Lytel, founder of “ReDefeat Bush.” Mark worked with David Lytel in 2000 to mount a Congressional challenge to the Florida electors.
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Don’t miss THE INSIDE SCOOP from the man that claims that Florida asked him to rig its 2004 Election!

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  • James Gannon May 12, 2005 2:41 am

    Mr Levine or Staff
    I have the wonderful distinction of being a
    constituant of Mr. Finney. I am also a voter
    for Rick Keller.(My Son)You better let Hannity
    know he is starting to run in the same mistake
    Rush is in now. Bush has screwed his people over
    We went through hell in the last election. What does Bush do,,what is his first move,he goes to the Clinton Library with the pant lode,with Daddy B. there too.It made me realise that they are all the same. It is going to be the globalist(BUSH, CLINTON,Hillary,The Senate,The Congress, and all the people threating if the politicians don,t go along they wont get money for there elections next time. Mr. Lavine, all my Rep. friends feel we have been stabbed in the back. We have no representation,,The rich want to become super rich. They control the world now and we are nothing. Look at whats going on with the United
    Airlines.In the past, before globalisation, you might get lucky enough to get a good job where retirement was a great benifit. In America this is the level all of our Fathers and Grandfathers
    fought for. The Billionairs that were made from the hard work are now saying (RIGHTLY SO)I have a lot of money but why do I have to pay their pentions? I want more!!! The unions have been made imputant. I live in Florida. They have a law
    that in 1979 was explained to me, The right to work,I am sure your in tune to what I am saying.
    The unions were out Disney dictated what the area
    was going to do.
    Conclusion: I work for a major defense company
    I have alot of info about discontent of my fellow
    Reps. Someone better start listening to us because Hillary, WHICH IS PROBABALY THE PLAN, Will
    become Pres.
    Jay Gannon

  • John December 26, 2004 12:32 pm

    Just this morning Dec 26th the very right wing “Fox News” had all of their right wing buddies on, and the subject was how wrong they (Fox) were with their exit polling, they had Kerry winning, in some of the key states, and suddenly, the trend changed, and they agreed that they were wrong, and that if the trend had changed in one state, then they(Fox)said it was a given that it would chang in other states! and it did! with machines rigged, as Curtis has said, you can see why.