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Election Day

November 2, 2004

(archived broadcast )
In the morning, I serve in Virginia to protect the right of voters.
In the afternoon, I vote and then give you THE INSIDE SCOOP.
In the evening, with charts and the Internet and constantly flipping through television stations, I hope to eventually celebrate Kerry’s victory.

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  • Gordon in SF November 3, 2004 9:52 am

    If W gets a 2nd term which it looks like he will:
    Condi will leave, she was way over her head anyway.
    Colin will leave, Dickie and Rumsfeld seem to hate him with a passion.
    Rumsfeld will leave, he hinted he wouldn’t stick around for a 2nd term months ago.
    Laura will get the hell outta there (just kidding, I wish).
    Who else do you think will go?

  • Gordon in SF November 3, 2004 9:19 am

    The difference in Ohio as of this writing is 136,221. According to there are between 100K & 250K provisional ballots remaining to be considered.
    In Iowa, the difference is 15,625. If memory serves, Gore only won that state after absentees were counted, which hasn’t been done yet.
    The difference in NM is 11,620. NM has one of the most “liberal” (for lack of a better word) provisional balloting laws so who knows how that’ll go.
    Hey, one can hope.
    If not, 4 more years of hell. Four more years of one party controlling all 3 branches. God help us. I can’t imagine what W will do as a lame duck, with the help of his cronies in Congress.