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The Day After

November 3, 2004

Shock, depression, bad exit polls, foul play, and losing an election on God, gays, and guns.
How do we heal when 51% of us just elected as President one of the most divisive figures of America history?

Well, I was up all night. And, like most of you, I suffer from severe shock and depression.
How could the exit polls be so wrong? Was there foul play here? (Interestingly, yesterday I predicted every single state, except I gave Ohio to Kerry. In 2000, I predicted every state, except I gave Florida to Gore.)
Looks like we lost the election not on Iraq, not on the economy, but on God, gays, and guns, from those who believe “moral values” are violating another Americans’ civil rights. Some morality.
How do we heal?
(After today, I will take a long-needed, well-deserved vacation.)

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  • Michelle November 17, 2004 10:02 am

    First. Thank you for your feedback.
    I too am tolerant of religion. My tolerance of religion is due to my religious belief that I’m not perfect and I will “never” be… I strive to be Christ like.
    My sins are not any less or greater than the ones of your own or anyone else. My religion teaches me that only Christ decides who enters into the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, while here on this earth I must have Christian character of assurance, blessing others, watchfulness, soberness, vigilance, charity, love, pure, good conscience, purity of heart, diligence, meekness, humility, mildness, lowliness, compassion, contentment, unselfishness and consideration of others.
    I hope you understand that I’m not that different from you… I just believe in allowing (wo)man to answer to their creator and not my own. That to me is real tolerance of religion.

  • MentalStar November 8, 2004 1:31 pm

    Oh, A.R. you’ve got a Master’s and your gay and you can’t spell for shit–you’re quite versatile–if it isn’t one Moon-Pie it’s another, isn’t it?
    Oh–yeah…and you’re a Christian, right? Well, we are all works in progress.
    You sound like a disturbed soul–I don’t even wanna think what it’s like bein’ you–I really don’t get your gripe–it’s like somebody rattled your chain and you just don’t know how to shut up(It’s been a few posts since you have actually said anything)
    Your gonna have to change you name–being gay is not being an average Republican the last time I checked the statistics–you sound more like “quite unusal republican” or perhaps just “quite unusual” (Why embarrass the truly average republican)
    Let us know when you are ready to surrender–our psychiatric help is purely voluntary–you don’t want to hurt anybody–especially yourself-don’t let your self-hatred overwhelm you–even in your pitiable state–you are worth saving!!!!!!

  • Just That Average Republican Again November 6, 2004 11:21 am

    While sitting here in my trailer in the red state that I live in with a tooth pick hanging out of my mouth from in between the gap of two lost teeth in between WWF matches while shucking corn, I write the following to you Mark Levine:
    1) The vast majority of Blacks don’t want segregation. I see nothing wrong with preserving African-American culture, which can be studied by anyone, Black or not. (Indeed, I studied African-American history, culture, and literature at that hifalutin college called Harvard. Maybe you can explain to me why red-state folks such as yourself are so anti-intellectual.)
    I don’t recall saying that there is a problem in preserving African American culture. I participate in such activities with my Black friends (whom I have had since second grade). Twist that statement, Mark.
    2) There’s nothing wrong with wanting a good education. There is something wrong, I submit, with wanting only your children to have a good education and not poorer, blacker children to have the same advantages.
    Hmm. I don’t recall saying that I was advocating that. And since it is illegal in this country to do that I hardly believe it is going on. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a good education either and that is why I have one (and am still going to school after obtaining a Master’s).
    3) Societal acceptance of public displays of affection should not depend on the sexual orientation of those showing affection. In our society, a kiss on the cheek in public is proper and necking and groping and nudity in public is not, no matter whether those involved are men or women.
    Stop fighting for acceptance and start fighting for rights. You will NEVER win. I say this as a gay man.
    4) Gay people are individuals, just like straight people. Some have successful relationships. Some have failed ones. The Government should grant both gay people and straight people equal protection under the laws.
    Yes, I am an individual as I am a gay man. I disagree with marriage argument. There are civil unions if that is necessary which most gays don’t.
    5) I do work to help poor people in America. I have done so through my synagogue, through teaching in inner-city schools, through treating individuals with respect and dignity (such as helping them vote), and most importantly, by giving up a lucrative career to be a voice on their behalf.
    Hmm. Well maybe if you got out into Appalachai and the Central Valley instead of staying in your safe haven of a blue county, city, or state you would be doing more. Also, I’m sure you are getting something from this gig or you wouldn’t be doing it . . . maybe furthering your liberal cause at hte expense of Republicans?
    6) Whatever liberals have done or have not done to help the poor is far far more than what conservatives have done. The current Administration has brought increasing numbers into poverty, cutting child and health care and shelter while transferring the meager earnings of the working poor into profits for the richest among us. Liberals would like to do more but are constrained by the selfish 51%. And you blame us???
    Tell me something, Mark. When you said this “Whatever liberals have done or have not done to help the poor is far far more than what conservatives have done.” were your arms folded and were you twisting yoru head to and fro? Sounds awfully familiar . . . kinda Kerry-esque. “You, Bush Administration, gave $4 Billion for AIDS research I will pledge $8 Billion!!!” Whatever. Grow up.
    Why is it that you preach of dividers and unifers but you can’t even admit, ONCE, what good things President Bush has done? Look at his cabinet. What a representation of American that was. Oh, but they were conservative minorities so they don’t count. I see.
    7) Obvious anti-Christian hatred? I believe, though not Christian, that my values are far more in line with the teachings of Jesus than those who would beat up gay people. Don’t you?
    Hmm. Must be a tough lonely life you life Mark. No only are you right all the time, 100% of the time, but you speak for all blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, Jews, Muslims, and now Christians. Damn. Again, must be rough being you.