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Election Tuesday

August 24, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Why is Bush so afraid of people who disagree with him, including ordinary voters?

The Bush Campaign has made a habit of arresting dissenters, making people at rallies sign loyalty oaths, encouraging the firing of Kerry supporters, checking the race of photographers, and making sure that no tough questions are ever asked of the President.
Why is Bush so afraid that the public will “bring it on”?
PLUS more, yes more, on the Swift Boat Veterans based on an article Mark wrote on this website. What is the source of swift boat anger? Could it be their own shame when Kerry exposed some of the less glorious things they did in Vietnam?

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  • Gordon August 27, 2004 9:03 am

    Ben, I don’t think giving different POV’s is lying–in the very least, it is dramatic effect designed to get reaction–but the Sunday call really wasn’t me–it’s scary that you still think it is–and flattering ,too–it means you’re still reading my blogs, although you said you stopped awhile ago–oh well, what is lying or just extensions and extrapolations of the truth? Mis-statements aren’t always lies–I just wish you would get proper attribution for what you say are mine.