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August 10, 2003

Who are the “Ex-Gays”?
The Supreme Court has recently overturned State law criminalizing private consensual adult sexual behavior.
Canada now allows civil gay marriage. I believe Massachusetts will soon follow suit. [Note from Editor: Mark predicted it!]

Churches and synagogues across the country are grappling with issues of gay religious marriage and ordaining gay clergy.
Television with gay themes has record ratings in the popular media.
Should gay men and lesbians be allowed to legally adopt?
Should employers be allowed to fire people based on their sexual orientation?
Should the military allow every qualified person to serve?
What do you think?
And what is the “ex-gay” movement?
What are religious conservatives doing to condemn and punish gay Americans?
Should we live and let live?
Or are the President and the Pope right that homosexuality is a “sin” and therefore gay people are not deserving of the same civil rights as heterosexuals?
My guest was Jaye Beatty, a supporter of Exodus International, a controversial group that seeks to change gay people into straight.
I met her when I attended a protest against this organization.

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