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The Economy

August 3, 2003

“It’s the Economy, Stupid”
A Closer Look at Some of the Lesser Publicized Bush Economic Proposals
A sign hung at the Clinton White House read, “It’s the Economy, Stupid!” in order to remind people of Bill Clinton’s first priority.
At the Bush White House, the sign could read, “It’s the Stupid Economy, Bush!”

Why do we have the worst downturn in the economy since Herbert Hoover?
Why isn’t Bushonomics helping?
Remember when Republicans used to be fiscal conservatives?
Why are they saddling us with the worst debt in American history?
How would you prefer your children to pay it back?
Most Americans are aware of the Bush tax cuts, but do you support these other proposals in the Bush Economic Plan?
— End Overtime Pay
— Cut Financial Aid to More than One Million College Students
— Reduce State Power to Stop Securities Fraud
— Deplete State Budgets, Causing State and Local TAX INCREASES
— Transfer YOUR Middle Class Social Security Tax Receipts to Billionaires and their Heirs
— Federal Contracts for American Corporations that Move Off-Shore to Avoid Taxes
— Cut Funding for Military Housing, Schools, and Health Care
Ever wonder why these elements of Bushonomics are not well publicized by the President? Want to know more?

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