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Florida 2004: Here We Go Again!

October 24, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Check out the new Florida voting machines!
It’s not TOO different from how Jeb Bush hopes to disenfranchise Florida Democrats.

Replay of Mark’s astonishing 20-minute interview with Jenny Nash, press secretary for Florida’s Secretary of State Glenda Hood. Glenda Hood was a 2000 Bush Elector and was appointed to be in charge of Florida elections by Governor Jeb Bush to replace former Secretary of State Katherine Harris
Should Florida throw up these roadblocks to prevent legitimate voters from voting? If your precinct lines change and you don’t know it, should you lose your right to vote?

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  • 464 October 28, 2004 8:58 am

    Sorry Steve, maybe I am a little frenetically rattled–and I really don’t have the answer to that–I’m not sure lawsuits have not been filed and well-wedged into the slowly-turning wheels of Floridian justice. Maybe Mark has the answer…