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Gay Marriage is Legal Today in Massachusetts

May 17, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Should Gay Couples Have the Same Civil Rights as Straights?
Mark Debates Glenn Stanton,
Focus on the Family ‘s Director of Social Research and Cultural Affairs and Senior Analyst for Marriage and Sexuality

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  • Melissa November 14, 2005 5:41 pm

    I think gays should be treated the same as me or any one else. no one has the right to say different because they did not choose it they were born that way. so buzz off with all the gay stuff is wrong because it is non of our business what other people do in their spare time or who they spent it with. And leave the mark guy alone he is only stating his opinion.

  • Dr. Freud May 13, 2005 4:35 pm

    Edwina–the right to hate is an oxymoron–hate is no longer a metaphysical option–it is dinosaur thinking begetting an option other than personal and species survival
    Darwin is calling you Edwina–can you hear the message before it is too late and your mind spins off its axis into the black hole where your heart should be?

  • Edward Nigma May 13, 2005 4:13 pm

    Mark Levine:
    “If you respond to this long post respectfully and honestly, EN, the insults can stop.”
    Thank you for admitting that you are a hypcrite; Insulting others as you call for civility.
    “I declare a truce.”
    I have no intention of stopping your so-called “war” as your strong desires for the abomination of gay marriage are, IMO, a danger to the freedom of this nation. Canada allowed gay marriage [yes, an oxymoron] and now they have hate speech laws. While I don’t “hate” you, yet, I reserve the right to hate you if I like. It is not yet unconstitutional.
    And I like the term “Gay Mafia”. They shopped a judge in Nebraska and overthrew the will of the people. Nice going. The Kommisar (sp?) would be quite pleased.
    You are apparently okay with law being made from the bench so long as they are laws that benefit your kind. And you have a show “Mark Defends the Constitution”? You are some gift to jurisprudence. Will you be running for office one day? You sure are on track, laddy.
    If I have time tonight I’ll see if there is anything in your post worth responding to. I know you have put words in people’s mouths as I listened to your “debate” with Mr. Stanton. In fact, so the reader knows just how disengenuous you can be to callers or guests, here is what Mr. Stanton stated. I had to replay it to write it down as he was pissed off at what you tried to pull on him:
    Mr Stanton: “Now see, okay, that is so unfair. When have I ever done that? I mean, you are being so unfair to throw something on me that I never even said to just shut me up and throw me away. That’s just unfair.”
    So it appears that you were not truthful when you claimed you never placed words in other people’s mouths. And you demand answers to your questions. You are a real piece of….lets say “work” as I wouldn’t want this post deleted for profanity.
    Edward Nigma

  • If it isn't one moron it's an oxymoron May 13, 2005 8:31 am

    Edwina–the low energy of your comments encapsulates you within the translucent diamond egg of your own karmic dispensation–the hell of your own hate–is your house
    The rage within the beast speaks randomly,
    and with focus.
    It spews,
    vomits confusion,
    and fear mixed with underlying doubt.
    The snake sells the betrayal of the apple,
    and understanding is eaten away,
    to the core,
    which is then discarded,
    along with the seeds.
    The emptiness of anger remains,
    to be angry with emptiness.
    Waging war for peace is like
    fucking for virginity,
    trying to define the profound with the profane.
    How elusive is the goal
    even as victory seems so near;
    just emptiness appears
    when the smoke cloud clears.
    Purity defiled,
    the Madonna raped,
    there is no going back
    up the river of denial.
    Our sweet sister is no more;
    now a whore
    by dirty deeds corrupted,
    she testifies peace isn’t just
    the absence of war.
    But a forgiving presence
    repairing psychic wounds,
    mending mental tears
    in social fabric.
    Not a void,
    but an essence
    to be nurtured
    with the breast milk of understanding.
    The alternative is no option;
    war fornicates meaning into madness
    where innocence is inherently lost.