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Gender-Identity, Sexual-Orientation, and Masculine/Feminine Education [IS]

June 15, 2015

So Bruce Jenner is either an androgynous/masculine “straight” man who see’s himself as a woman or an androgynous/feminine lesbian who sees herself as a woman and was born a man?
Confused? Today I give a basic sex/gender/transgender/sexual orientation/masculinity v. femininity education.
It’s complicated but really not as complicated as you think. Just remember the four scales:
And recognize that all of us fall somewhere on the male to female scale on each of these, both in self-perception and others’ perception.

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  • Mark Levine July 29, 2015 10:26 am

    I’ll make sure to use the term “transition” in the future.
    It was my intent to be educational. So glad you think the show did that! Please continue to pass it on.

  • Jay July 22, 2015 7:03 pm

    This was really excellent. I am trans guy and give this sort of program as education for various groups. The only thing, The term you might be looking for is “transition”. This is the social, legal, and sometimes medical process so that one can live as the appropriate gender. But otherwise, you did an amazing job! 🙂