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Gore/Obama in 2008!

June 20, 2007

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President Gore and Vice President Obama will be inaugurated January 20, 2009.
You heard it here first…

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  • Robt August 10, 2007 1:11 am

    Come on Mark,
    Get Al Gore on the show and I promise you I’ll in…………..
    I want a shot at convincing him to rum for President and it is not to late.
    How the GOP fear him not just hate him as they do Hillary.
    What would be more overcoming and achieveing fulfillment than to return as President aftr the Supeme court overstepped and denied you.
    Wasn’t it, ” the reputable harm it would cause George Bush”.
    The GW carbon footprint as well as the gw stepped in dog poop and track all over prints. Gore would be able to erase, cleanse, redirect a nation that would show that Republican ideology has never worked and has never been successful in any country and not in any civilization.
    Gore would have the cream of the crop to chose for his Adm. With a Dem Congress and Senate.
    Bush #43 and perhaps back to Reaganism could be scrubbed, Al could replot the course of this nation. I truely think Al Gore would stand out in the crowd of candidates.
    So Mark, talk to your previous employer
    ( Barney Frank ) and call in a favor to get the Former Vice President, Movie award winner, planet uniter extrordinaire on the show.
    Just tell Al, America wants to speak with him about something. Now, don’t tell him what it is about. We want it to be a surprize.
    If you need help, let me know.

  • Robt June 21, 2007 2:38 pm

    With the presumption that Al Gore would be the top of the ticket. Obama makes plenty long term long term sense. He is inspiring as you stated. I completely agree with you there. I think his thought process (no matter the issue) is one of his strengths.
    Obama also would make for a strong Presidential candidate after serving as Gore’s VP.
    This is where Wes Clark for whatever reasons wouldn’t match up. Obama could shore up a Democratic Presidency for some years.
    There is no doubt about Wes Clark being a stellar choice for Secretary of Defense, as you suggest.
    I know it sounds rather silly of me and that better than me have spoken with Al Gore to run for the Pesident. Yet I would very much want to have an opportunity to speak with Gore and convince him to run, and why. I would hit him very hard on his own principles. I would try to get him to understand that there are many that should be so vitally important and have the momment in life to make such an imprint as I believe he could.
    You have touched on something ovr the diversity of the Dem’s candidates. Using the starting line of Bush’s Katrina failures. And from where I sit I feel some racial tension from Bush’s handling of Katrina effected. Intentional or incompetent doesn’t matter. Most were Afro Americans and to this day are dismissed.
    So a Gore/Obama ticket could inspire minorities in regards to voting, Sure. Do I think if obama has his opportunity and only comes close there will be disinterest. Some perhaps.
    I do not think many Afro Americans look to Obama as a President that would “Favor” Afro Americans.
    View equality in decision making, yes.
    What does Gore and Obama do for Hispanic voters?
    Perhaps a Bill Richardson Cabinet Appointment?
    My rankings of the top crust of candidates based on having a real chance for the nomination, ability to raise the $$, inspire a country, studious of Americas founding and intent eith respect thereof, selecting his administration, intelectual and common sense. Just for a few requisites..
    My ranking;
    Edwards-Clinton (ranked even right now)
    I think the rest of the candidates are there to move party issues, deflect heat, etc in support of the others. At this point.
    Not that Bill Richardson should be dismissed. Richardson, would be a more qualified and distinguished President for the country than a Guilianni or Romney. That is a fact. Richardson is more competent than McCain in my opinion.
    Because you mentioned the two white guy ticket. Are you saying if the Dems have a T-W-Guy ticket that there will be blowback from the minority voting block?
    Most people seem to look at the primary candidate pool for VP. It seems like a natural spot to look. But why ? Out of laziness, pre evaluated public interest and exposure that is calculatable in VP selection?

  • Johnny Newshound June 21, 2007 11:51 am

    Gore/Obama would be unbeatable–the Reps are just hoping they can run against Clinton–Hillary is a loser-rabbit–let her set the pace for the rest of the field–and let her fall away from the race