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Greece, the International Monetary Fund, and Eastern Europe

May 16, 2010

Sometimes it’s best to argue a perspective, and sometimes it’s best to sit back and just absorb information. Want to understand:

  1. How the death of the Polish President will affect American foreign policy?
  2. What’s really going on in Russia and post-Communist Eastern Europe? Should we fear Putin?
  3. Why the Greece economy failed and how it will be saved?
  4. The real international monetary flows that occur outside of conspiracy theories? In other words, how the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund really work?
  5. How all of this affects us in the USA?

My guest tonight, Professor Randall Stone of the University of Rochester, is an expert in all of these things. Listen in for reasoned, educated analysis — the kind you can’t get in televised spinbites. And I promise both you and I will learn more in three hours than you would get in ten hours of watching the cable news channels.

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