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The N-Word & The F-Word: How Should We Deal with Epithets?

May 15, 2010

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  • Jeff May 18, 2010 12:27 am

    After listening to the show, I was shocked to hear that garland occasionally used the N-word. I’m equally disappointed in Denzel Washington.
    Regardless of what you think the history is, you see no other ethnic groups saying “You my kike.” “You my spic.” “You my chink”
    20 years of gangsta rap has ruined us. Gangsta rap is an alien lie thrust upon blacks in the late 80s. It is a damned lie that we live like that. It is a damned lie that these are the values that blacks respect.
    99% of all usage of nigga, even in black circles, is negative. Nigga is usually preceded by effing or dumbass or M-effing. It’s a slur! Some women have tried to take back “bitch.” Can’t be done! 99% of the usage of bitch is preceded by effing, stupid, or dumbass.
    Same thing for the F-word and even queer.

  • Jeff May 17, 2010 4:43 pm

    Conservatives betray their secret racial animus by approaching the N-word from a standpoint of salivating jealousy: “Blacks call each other the N-word ALL THE TIME. Why can’t we?” I would love to ask them why they are jealous of those blacks who use it, and do they also want to use the C-word and the K-word.
    I never call blacks the N-word and associate with no one who ever uses the word. Even the idiot blacks I know that defend its use NEVER use it. Sure, there’s the loud boorish black stranger who does use the word. So what. They are young fools. They don’t define the race.
    Then we have music that uses the N-word. Not many people (even black people) know that most black youth polled DETEST the use of the N-word. I tried to find the episode of Media Matters with Bob McChesney where he interviewed a black music mogul who frankly stated that blacks aren’t the major consumers of N-word music, and though we complain about it, the artists are actually pressured to be edgy and racial.
    Think back to Vanilla Ice, DISGRACED and railroaded because he wasn’t actually a criminal.
    All that said, I do believe that it’s the music industry that has pushed the use of the N-word and even made it fashionable over the past 20 years, and the rappers who resisted and decried it in the early 90s were called angry and haters. The ones that were simply curse word-free like Young MC and MC Lite, were simply forgotten.
    Regarding other epithets, I will say this: the N-word is not worse than them. An epithet is an epithet. I hate hearing the N-word referred to as the most hateful word in our language. Islamist is the most hateful word in my opinion. It’s not even a real word in a dictionary. It’s a smear.