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Dialogue on Poverty

April 8, 2009

Mark co-hosts Dialogue every Tuesday night from 7 to 8 pm on 89.3 FM throughout the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area (DC, MD, VA, WV, DE, PA, NJ, and portions of some states beyond) with Terry Kester and Garland Nixon.

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  • Mark April 25, 2009 9:38 pm

    The examples you give about health care in England all deal with people not being covered when you feel they should be. But of course, people can always pay for more health care. In the USA, far more people lack coverage than England. So the examples you give would be multiplied by hundreds here.
    The solution, as President Obama recognizes, is to offer both government care and private care and let people choose between them. Let the best system win.
    On another issue, how, in your view, did the President and First Lady insult the Queen?
    Finally, I should say that I’m glad you’re listening, even though we have strong disagreements on a number of issues. I welcome listeners with different points of view and encourage you to keep writing and listening. Perhaps we can learn from each other.

  • Eileen April 25, 2009 7:30 pm

    Dear Mark I listened to your radio show Friday about national health. I am an English woman living in America. I would like to let the poor people of America know what they are in for when they go national health. Most of my family live in England and are working class. So I have their input on this. My mother was diagnosed with cancer at 68 the government wouldn’t give her cemo because she was retired and didnt pay taxes.(They wont tell you this but that is one of the requirements for receiving national health.) so she was left at home till she was in a coma then left to die in the ward of death (that is what the nurses call it) Then about 7 years later my father had a ruptured intestines once again he was left to die with his intestines in a bag at the side of him. My niece had a preemie baby it was aloud to die because she was a single mother and it would have been a drain on the national health budget. My sister had bronchitis that turned to pneumonia so couldn’t work so her status went down to 3 she was sent home to deal with it she was very ill for 6 weeks till she went to a herbalist and got help. If you are poor on the national health you are bump out of the waiting list for surgery if someone that pays a large sum in taxes needs the same surgery. The hospitals are so poorly staffed that people have to wate in the ambulances for up to 3 hours. each year it gets worse. The worst of it is the immigrants get the full care because of a bill that was passed years ago They move to England get money to settle, a house to rent and welfare. The English are moving out of england at a great rate. And has for the people loving Oboma that is a big joke in England The day he sent back the bust of Churchill he lost the backing of Most of the English people, but gained the backing of the Muslim immigrant. And when he and his wife insulted the Queen there was demonstrations about him as well as the banks. On the bank walls there were painted these words “Oboma different color same shit.” If you took a look at the press in England and the American press photos of the same time in the news. It show a shot of Buckingham palace from a distance ( from the british press) with only a few people around the gates but the American press have a shot with the photographer on his knees shooting up at the crowd. With the word a large crowd. The rest of the world is not as aw struck as the American press make them out to be. He is know as the Manchurian president