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Punish the Pirates!

April 15, 2009

I was VERY proud of our men and women in the Navy who took out the pirates and saved the sea captain without paying a ransom, as surprisingly many asked them to do.
The ransom would have been cheaper.
It would have also been wrong.
It was the kind of thing that gets our patriotic juices stirring. And that’s just fine.

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  • Bubba McBuddha April 19, 2009 9:39 am

    Our merchant seamen should be allowed to have long-barrels and a basic-load–then these skinny-ass pirates with AKs–wouldn’t be a threat–it’s embarrassing that our seamen have to be “naked” in danger zones–those “pirates” look like real punk-asses–that makes the situation even more embarrassing–it’s like they are setting up toll booths at sea (M-79’s and M-72’s–and the pirates wouldn’t get close to boarding)–it’s just called coverin’ yer ass
    I understand how the SEALS got two of the criminals–but I don’t get how they got the third guy who had an AK to the back of the Captain and was below-deck–the scenario sounds incredible–somehow I don’t believe three simultaneous shots–I just believe two–and somethun else happened