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How Mitt Romney Profits from Child Abuse [LM]

July 30, 2012

Meet CRC Health Group:  A Bain company shut down by authorities for child abuse and accused of homicide by local police
Guest: Art Levine (no relation), author of Dark Side of a Bain Success
CRC was invited to come on the show and respond to these serious allegations. They declined, but the offer remains open. Instead they shared their response to the Salon article, which Art Levine responded to here.
Here’s an example of the serious allegations against CRC.  This is an Order by the State of Oregon shutting down “Mount Bachelor Academy,” operated by the CRC.

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  • Alex Carlson October 16, 2012 3:15 am

    No wonder a progressive propaganda rag writer….you should be ashamed, this is like linking someone with Enron cause they bought stocks….very poor propaganda!

  • Alex Carlson October 16, 2012 3:11 am

    He was out of Bain around 2001 you tool. Even if he wasnt he would buy businesses and help market them not be as personal as this, meaning he is one man and many overlooked Bain. Sounds like Libya to me, trying to blame something else on nonsense again. But being a man of media I bet you run from Libya incompetence hurts dont it? News should be factual and since you claim this is, then what sources prove Romney was with Bain as well as he supervised this company,,,I saw a date earliest of 2006 more laimstream lies, and propaganda. Remember that all it took for Nazis to form was a charismatic leader and propaganda. Our country is stifled by people like you reporting BS instead of what needs to be heard.