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Lame-Duck Congressional Republicans Use Final Grasp on Power to Strangle the American Worker

December 16, 2008

Mark’s guest today is Republican strategist Mike Lane.
With just 20 days left in office after being booted out in a landslide, Republican Members of Congress used their last dying grasp on power today to strangle the shameless voters who dared end the Republicans’ Economic Reign of Terror.
Even as they were being unceremoniously showed the door, Republicans today filibustered a bridge loan of $15 billion (about 2% of the Wall Street bailout) to American auto companies, insisting first and foremost that unions workers who had worked hard, played by the rules, earned a pension, and retired must forfeit that hard-earned pension and die as penniless and without health care as possible.
Thus the Republican Beast in its dying breath — slain but not yet dead — forged its last economic suicide attack to terrorize its greatest enemy: the American Worker
“If we’re going down, we’ll take American workers with us!” Senator Corker of Tennessee cried. “Workers must die so that those of the nobler class who inherited their wealth may have more yachts!” screamed Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as Capitol Police attempted to pry McConnell’s death grip from the necks of those benighted, wretched souls who dared to attempt to work for a living rather than making money the Republican way: by marrying a beer heiress.
The police said it would take 20 more days to remove McConnell’s and Corker’s iron grip from its stranglehold on the American Worker. Would the American Worker survive afterward? Probably, but only after extensive economic surgery that only Dr. Obama and a full team of Democrats in Congress can provide.
Still, doctors fear the Republican Beast may leave permanent scars.
McConnell and Corker were unrepentant, “It’s the Obama Economy now. And we’re determined to create a Greater Depression bigger than the first, if only so we can blame this path of destruction on our sworn enemy, Barack Hussein Obama. Death to America!”

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  • Robt December 29, 2008 8:00 pm

    Just to let you know,
    Mike Lane is out of orbit when he states that the Auto Union should
    “negotiate Managements salaarys”.
    Union representation cannot negotiate managements earnings!
    Oh sure, they could raise it as an issue of hypocrisy in managements negotiating.
    Union’s do not negotiate managements health care, breaks, vacations, etc.
    Mike’s outlook of unions can use a bit of education.

  • Robt December 17, 2008 4:06 am

    It is NO way the republican’s “LAST” effort to move American workers into the Pharoah’s slaves to build pyramids.
    Don’t make me prove it…..!