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In New Orleans, the Details Matter

September 12, 2005

Crucial Delays in Relief Were Direct Result of Bad Bush Administration Decisions
Bush Denied New Orleans/Army Corps Requests to Fix Levees
Bush Dismantled FEMA, the Best Government Agency of the 1990’s (Mr. Holdeman was my guest on September 1.)
“In a post-Sept. 11 reorganization, FEMA joined 21 other agencies in a new Homeland Security Department, stripped of the Cabinet rank that had allowed it to report directly to the president. And, in a further department shuffle in July, FEMA lost its historic mission of working with state and local governments on preparedness plans before disaster strikes. Quote from Dallas Morning News
“‘It was a very powerful organization, with very, very seasoned people – and then 9/11 came,’ said Bob Freitag, who spent 25 years at FEMA, rising to federal coordinating officer.” Quote from Dallas Morning News
Bush Determined to Keep New Orleans Poor by Underpaying Those Helping Rebuilding and Overpaying his Cronies at Hallliburton
Our Declining Infrastructure: The True Cost of Giving Huge Tax Cuts to Rich People Who Don’t Need them

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  • Mark Levine September 22, 2005 10:36 am

    I’m told I have much better ratings than Jim, but at this point, I’m so busy that I don’t want two hours a day. It’s no problem on Sundays when I get tons of calls, but on weekdays, I don’t get enough calls and I don’t have the time to do the research for two hours a day and still handle promotion (which already I don’t spend enough time on), web design, seeing out sources, as well as my busy non-radio life.
    I want to avoid repeating myself. I’d much rather end a show leaving you hungry for more than end one with you looking at your watch…

  • Gordon from Bora Bora September 22, 2005 9:53 am

    Mark–how do your ratings compare to Greenfield’s–his show seems incredibly diluted and weak, seeking contrived confrontation with callers–can’t believe he’s drawing listeners
    Can you handle two hours daily–that seems like a logical next step between you and TalkStar Radio