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Debate with Mike Lane [Inside Scoop TV]

June 24, 2013


Topics include:
The Farm Bill
The Immigration Bill
Obama’s Trips to Europe and Africa
And Paula Deen.

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  • Robt June 28, 2013 4:04 am

    Well, well,
    As we now know the Farm Bill failed in the House. After Republcans place the extra cuts to SNAP.

    I think your on it Mark when you stated, “Republicans like to spend on what they want to buy but hate Democratic minded spending”.

    I had that very argument with my republican Senator.

    The Big evil gigantic Goverment is bad when Democratic majorities are in control aa big bad Gov’t is expanded during republican control (200-2007) tcomes to mind as an example.
    I think, republicans spend on the Farm Bill so wealthy corporate CEO farmers can have money to donate totheir campaigns. Just like the subsidies they defended for BIG OIL. Who does big oil donate to?
    I think they use tax payer money in subsidies to promote their political campaigns.
    Do you disagree?
    What is with subsidies to big oil? Is American conservatives by giving this to big oil saying, “there is oil over here to drill”?
    How about Government has to get out of the way of business?
    -Shall we abolish the U.S. Patent Office?
    -How about the Government cease negotiating trade deals?
    I didn’t see any republican FILABUSTER when they voted to bail out the Wall Street Banks. Did you?

    So there was no republican conservative ideological purity and pricipal moral standing.
    Oh NO!
    Not only did they vote for them, they did not filabuster in the Senate now did they.

    I have an “wee” of subject that fits in here,
    With the republican small Government motto (brand) they sell. It comes to find out via Sowden that our military Government and surveileince apparatus employees were cut and let go. Only to contract it out and with larger employee nybers and larger pay checks and corporate dependence on tax payers money.
    So American surveilence was privatized and now ran by corporations loyal to the pay check and share holders instead of well kept loual patriotic reliable government employees.

    Boy oh boy did they privatize this and are able to hide its costs to tax payers. Hide its redundancies, its effectiveness but most of all, the price tag.
    Not to mention foreign investers into a privatized American surveilence industry for profit and their big investors knowledge of the company.

    This is not going to end well for any of us………