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Intelligence Failures

November 16, 2003

9/11 and Iraq
Did our intelligence agencies fail us? Or did the Bush Administration fail them?
Special guest Carrie Lemack, Founder and Vice President of Families of September 11

This week, the independent commission investigating the intelligence failures leading up to the September 11th terrorist attacks backed off its threat to subpoena the White House papers documenting the failure of the Bush Administration to prepare for — and possibly prevent — the loss of 3,000 American lives on that fateful day. Instead, they agreed to a secret deal limiting access to the documents.
What is the Bush Administration so desperately trying to hide? If they didn’t do anything wrong, why won’t they just turn over the documents? Do they really believe that in the worst surprise attack since Pearl Harbor, no mistakes were made? If no mistakes were made, the documents should show that. And if intelligence officials are to blame for the faulty intelligence, shouldn’t we should learn from their mistakes and fire the incompents?
Bush strongly opposed the law investigating 9-11. Then, to avoid having to make it his first veto, he signed the law but has continuously obstructed the commission’s work so that even the Republicans on the commission have complained.
The White House’s obstruction of justice points to a darker motive suggested by dozens of leaking CIA agents: maybe the problem is not intelligence from below but manipulation of intelligence from above.
Is there any other possible explanation for the Administration’s resistance to Americans learning the truth?
Join us for a lively discussion on the intelligence failures that led up to the fiascos of 9-11 and the War in Iraq.
My guest Carrie Lemack, Founder and Vice President of Families of September 11 is the daughter of a September 11th victim and a leader in the victims’ fight to find out what really happened that tragic day so that such attacks may be prevented in the future.

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  • Nogaud Butyou November 13, 2008 3:35 pm

    Dear carie lemack,
    Here is undeniable 9/11 TRUTH.
    “Evil Terrorist Bush “planned 9/11” in his Crawford Ranch in Texas,during his month long August 2001 vacation,andgave go ahead to his terrorist rogue regime gang.
    Buhs’s terrorsit gang ,excuted 9/11, from their operational HQ in WTC TOWER#7,and Pulled down WTC Towers 1&2,and attacks on Pentagon,nad later that day ,Pulled down WTC TOWER #7,too hoping to destroy, all evidence.
    Bush lied to blame 9/11 on his Buddies Osama&saudi muslims,to incite his dumb white mobs for crusades ,as FAKE WAR ON TERROR, as a prelude to ,white colonial thugs OIL WAR on Iraq, which was in Planning since 1991.
    I welcome ur reply and debate on this 9/11 Truth,to bring Bush&his terrorist rogue regime to justice.
    email “[email protected]”.