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Intelligence Reform

December 7, 2004

(archived broadcast )
Information on the “9/11 bill.”

What does it do?
Will it help prevent future terrorist attacks?
What has been tying it up? Is it the provision about denying illegal immigrants drivers’ licenses? Or is really about control of intelligence?
My hunch is the real issue is a President that wants to decide what to do and looks for intelligence to back it up, rather than examining the intelligence and then deciding a course of action.
Perhaps that’s why people in the CIA are “scattering like rats.”
My guests are:
Charlie Mitchell, Legislative Counsel for the Washington Legislative Office of the American Civil Liberties Union and
Monica Gabriel, Member of the Family Steering Committee. Ms. Gabriel lost her husband in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

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  • Fred Dawes December 11, 2004 1:07 pm

    This so called intelligence bill is without a doubt “studied” as can be, it has nothing in it to make anyone happy, to say nothing of making people feel like we have a government that cares about us.It is a bill for the privilege people who appear to be doing a jihad on the poor and others who are working for a living. The system has no ideas of how to do the job and for a good reason, and that is because our government is infected with special foreign interests and that is the one issue in the minds of our political people, how to make money, and how to use the so called people of this empire like slaves.
    We our all animals in the eyes of that
    mumbo-jumbo group of Rats and all are sympathetic
    with the ideals of Bush and family, meaning mass jobs out of the U.S.A., and big money into the third world banking system (see BCCI), to buy more slaves.
    “it is a jihad bill against you”.

  • Fred Dawes December 9, 2004 12:37 pm

    So its called intelligence reform is it? I call it government bull, The system and its political dogs have a lot to cover up and this will do it.

  • Dave G. December 8, 2004 11:34 am

    I’m not seeing much on what is too big of a story to ignore completely.
    It was an investigative reporter named Wayne Matson who learned of the voter fraud first hand. He, Mr Matson, has obtained a signed affidavit from a Mr. Clinton Curtis who had been a program designer with a company called Wang Computers I believe. He had been retained by Tom Finny, presently a Florida congressman, but at the time was Jeb Bush’s running mate for Florida’s governor-ship. Mr. finny spelled out what they wanted designed. They needed a very special kind of voting machine program. A machine that would produce no kind of record s and where the machine could be accessed electronily and the votes changed.
    Mr Curtis attests that he designed the program as he was instructed and delivered it to, now Congressman, Tom Finny
    Wayne Matson’s story provides us clear evidence that these voting machines were deliberitly designed to be manipulated and to deliver false results. It confirms the overwhelming circumstantial evidence as obtained by Bev Harris. This is not a story that can be ignored, and according to Wayne Matson it is a story being told in the world press but for the present at least it appears we will have to look long and hard to hear about this here in the USA.