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Interesting Interviews

June 9, 2005

[Replay from June 1, 2005]
Mark, reporting from the “Campaign for America’s Future” convention in Washington, DC, interviews the next generation of leaders of the progressive movement and the Democratic party.
Guests include:
Robert Greenwald, Producer of Documentary Outfoxed
Susan Turnbull, Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Committee
Josh Earnest, Press Secretary for the Democratic National Committee
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky
Michael Rogers, Blogger who “outs” hypocritical politicians

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  • G.I. Joe June 11, 2005 8:51 am

    Enigma–always with the Lenninism–but today’s reality would bemoan a radical right-wing that is comfortable with throwing away billions of dollars (8.8) to profiteering contractors in Iraq–and then ticky-tacking domestic social services
    Brave U.S. soldiers are dying for corrupt mismanagement of an unneeded war–still-driving in under-armored Hummvees–with now–no apparent mission–G.I.’s are pulling mandatory double and, now triple, tours–enlisters can’t meet their quotas
    And, in six months, there will have to be troop cutbacks in Iraq, because U.S. troops are just spread too thin for committment and possible contingency–that is–unless a draft is instituted
    Wake up to today, Enigma–tell this old grunt who a patriot is–a fomenter of clouded lies or one who tries to reveal the truth
    People are dying this minute for your blustering political blabbering
    I wish I could laugh at your posts to keep from crying–but your Orwellian ranting makes you the enemy of freedom–I’ll let you plant your own political label–it will really be redundant to your cause that seemingly tries to deny human rights and dignity to all.

  • Edward Nigma June 11, 2005 3:47 am

    Nathan Hale Smith:
    “Mark is a patriot”
    No, Mark is very deficient in history and to be specific, Mark is a Leninist. Please don’t insult brave men and women by calling him and his far, far left wing propaganda machine “patriotic” as our nation is very close to falling because of the left.
    I’m sure Mark loves Schumer. That’s the democratic Senator from Brooklyn who spoek of his “Socialist Movement”. Isn’t that nice. He slipped up and admitted that socialism – which Hayek reeled against as bringing about communism -is the platform of the democrats.
    Laugh at the following if you like. But since the generation in school now is not being educated about the evils of communism, America will become within 50 years, that which it despised. Why? Because people actually think Levine is “a patriot” for his views. He is taking you on “The Road to Serfdom”. He’ll never let my exposing him stand. Only a lucky few will see this post.
    Edward Nigma
    p.s. Busy these days. Hope you can put one foot in front of the other here without me.

  • Nathan Hale Smith June 10, 2005 9:58 am

    Billy Goat–the government puts out enough propaganda to incite distrust in itself–Mark is a patriot–you oughta study up on what that means–of course you will never shut patriots up–they shout even louder on the other side of the veil
    Patriots are many things…but they are never silent!
    Patriots are not flag-waving, war-mongering, fatasses who haven’t seen firefight-one. They are not cherry, honcho, pseudo-cowboy, privileged, weak-minded, princely posers who send others to do their killing and dying. They are not wolves in sheep’s wool , draped in the flag, raiding the henhouse. They are not carpet bagging, profiteering, scalywags skirting the edges of the rule of law. They are not religious imposters using the name of God as a reason for abomination. They are not forked-tongued mothafuckas with the weight of treason on their back. They are not unconscionable zealots with the blood of women and children soaking their souls. They are not war criminals using false pretense to settle dubious vendettas.
    Patriots are agitators–they are the irritation of creation–the itch that makes the pearl–they are part of a purpose that transcends lifetimes–they are citizens of a country and of the Universe at the same time. They are obedient to a cause that is disobedience to some, but their intent is encompassed by parameters they see as truth. And that is what they cling their allegiance to…
    Patriots are those who expose the bastards for who they are, and set the traitors’ iniquities upon the altar of justice–bring the deeds of darkness to the light–and watch everything that is not truth fall away of its own dead weight.

  • Bill G. Hitt June 10, 2005 9:24 am

    Mark. Still complaining. Still putting out propaganda to insite distrust in our government -U.S.A. Only in America can people like you and others bring such harm to the american people. But, you are the worst !. You do it for money, ($). If the American people left this country to such as you and others, we wouldn’t have a country. If you can’t say anything good about the U.S.A. then keep your mouth shut!