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It's the Economy, Stupid!

March 9, 2009

Mark and Republican Strategist Mike Lane give their analysis on what’s ailing the economy and what the President and Congress are doing to make it better.

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  • madfuq March 24, 2009 6:36 pm

    I e-mailed some democrats to ask them to support President Obama’s budget and serve we the people for a change instead of special interests, lobbyist, corporations and the few rich at the top. In other words to act like they work ofr us/US!

  • Ken Sensus March 18, 2009 9:03 am

    Robbers, rapers, plunderers
    wearing well-tailored suits,
    extorting the economy,
    then staying to say
    with staid face,
    this is the way it is,
    the tail wags the dog
    with point of contract law,
    are we that corrupt
    that these bastards can taunt decency,
    so easily,
    Lao-tzu knows
    the enlightened eagle must fly away
    from such top-heavy disarray,
    or become one of the entitled despicable
    grave-robbers with sleight of hand,
    where is their honor
    but in hari-kari,
    or hanging from the ceiling
    suspended by their big brass testicles,
    stinking of their bull-market shit,
    such a pretty sight,
    excuse me while I vomit
    and try to maintain my dignity,
    by calling myself a poet,
    dare I label the impending world situation,
    and the gluttons who got us here,
    even more,
    the traitors to the human condition,
    that they are.

  • Robt March 9, 2009 4:11 am

    Here are a few thoughts,
    -Unregulated Laizzaz fair capitalism and free markets doesn’t provide for the ideals Americans cherish as the founding fathers provided like in our Constitution.
    -Free market principals unrestrained are in opposition to America’s founding principals.
    -Apply the proer role of Gov’t.
    -Regulate the private sector.
    -Impose some protections for American jobs Temporarily. Revist “Free Trade” and move toward a “Fair Trade”.
    -If our Gov’t can negotiate corporate protections in foriegn countries for their investment into these countries to operate. Gov’t can negotiate human rights protections for instance.
    At the least American Gov’t can negotiate rules of the game within its own country.
    -Enforce the principal that “No One Is Above The Law”.
    -Clean corruption from our Gov’t by dissolving Homeland security Dept and creating in its place and with its funding, a special Gov’t corruption Dept. pass laws to ban lobbying, No corporate campaign donations.
    -Bring back modern day Anti-Trust laws and modern day Glass Steigal.
    -Raise the high end of the tax earnings which will coerce companies to invest in their companies instead of paying CEO’s rediculous amounts.
    -Don’t allow any corporation(s) to get to large that they can’t fail without wide spread raining devastation.
    -Re think and re boot America’s health care system. It cannot be left to CEO’s deciding who gets care and who does not. Health insurance industry msut change from a industry that profits from denying care.
    -Time to clean up gangs in our cities and prevent America’s criminal elements. This can help in improving inner city schools and businesses.
    -Get control of America’s il;egal immigration.
    -Manditory 2 years college instead of public education ending at high school.
    -Correct the conflict of interest between corporation interests, their influence and ownerships of the publics information outlets and news agencies. That a defense contractor cannot own a News network. Force media to take public news information out of the profit margin of networks media entertainment time.
    Set strict laws for willful misrepresenting facts in news.
    -Some sort of equality between unions and Chamber of Commerce(s), Asso of Business, National Busness Association, and all the other union opposition that enjoys Gov’t approvals to be anti Union.
    -Improve the FDA and other regulatory Gov’t that will provide consumer confidence in consumer products again.
    -Restrict credit rates on credit cards, home loans, college loans and auto loans.
    -Get America off its dependency of Foriegn oil..!
    -Changing many American’s culture of “ME” only and always is destructive and will ruin this country. Self is fine, but economic cannibalism is not healthy to a democratic society that provides the basics for all to prosper.
    -America’s econoomy is a very huge umbrella. As well as very inter connected.