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Justice Sotomayor

May 27, 2009

And the mess of too much direct democracy that is California’s Proposition system

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  • Robt May 28, 2009 2:43 am

    Sotomaor’s nomination seems credible from all the media and written reports I’ve seen so far.
    No doubt in my mind that she has the credentials, experience and qualifications. No questions there.
    I am not sure she is as liberally progressive as I would prefer in this 5/4 deciding Supreme Court. It seems she will be most at home with the minority 4 of the court but may have some of the Justice Kennedy spirit where she makes moves to the right once in a while to be well balanced.
    She will add to the Supreme Courts fluency of Catholic Justices. Is there an agnostic or athieist on the court? Wouldn’t hurt.
    She will bring a womans out look to the court which is good. Will it make much difference in a 5/4 decision making court? Not so enthusiastic in that view. They have Thomas, Roberts, Alito, and Scalia that will never lean left let alone center that I’ve seen. Go ahead and correct me if I am wrong. Of course there is the Kennedy that swings but lately is seen on the right of most issues.
    I think Sotomayor will be center and lean right from time to time. I could live with that if the GOP’s confirmed nominees were of even keel.
    Do you know where Sotomayor is when it comes to “Corporatism”?
    Does she view corporations have personhood?
    I know very little of Sotomayor in this arena of corporate court room issues.
    I remember you spoke of Alito having favor in his record of corporation interests. Alito only makes your words of him even more true. You pegged Alito to the tee. As for Thomas, he hasn’t wrote a decision/decent that I can recall and he seems to vote with the courts heard of the right.
    Roberts was repaid for his GOP legal services over the years. While Scalia, continues to cause me to have my own Olberman “WTF” momment.
    So Mark, can you put the flash light of truth on Sotomayor’s “corporate” rulings,outlook and leanings? As well as any Free Trade or trade leanings in general or in specific?
    It is possible Stevens and Ginsberg might retire soon. Souter did surprize me by wanting out and waiting until now to do it.!

  • Caroline May 27, 2009 1:58 pm

    Sotomayor: great choice. I’m still just jaded enough to know that Republicans will attempt to find some vague, murky, possibly-scandalous tidbit about her, though. They always do regarding Supreme Court nominees and political candidates.
    California? Don’t get me started. It’s a startlingly Republican state, with a Republican-majority state legislature (read: elected by the voting populus) and mainly-conservative, appointed CA Supreme Court justices. No wonder Prop 8 remains intact. We’ve been replaced by Iowa as the Progressive State. (Nothing against Iowa – groovy state – but it’s sad that the state that once was the seat of grassroots movements in this country has a voting population that can’t see the forest for the trees.)