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Memorial Day

May 25, 2009

Let us never forget those who serve our country and have served our country.

Often mistreated by the nation’s political leaders, it is their lives that are on the front lines.

Let us never blame them for policies that are pursued by those in Washington who care too little about them.

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  • Johnny Democracy June 5, 2009 8:42 am


    D-day, the long day,
    the longest day of death,
    large-scale killing
    that turned Normandy’s surf red,

    human slaughter
    called history,
    evolution gone insane,

    no glory, no winners,
    just corpses
    and survivors
    testify to a numbing horror,

    now, later,
    white crosses mark the graveyards
    that remember the battle
    of a generation ago,

    in a war that still rages
    in the hearts of men,

    when, oh when
    can forgiveness be brought to the altar,
    and all this blood be worth the price
    for which it was spent.

  • Johnny Democracy June 4, 2009 8:16 am

    Out of Sugar

    Combat mode is always waiting
    in the nervous system,
    on call
    at the molecular level,

    to react to triggers of fear
    and anger
    of a reprisally-geared temper,

    firing synaptic shots of adrenalin
    at an illusioned enemy,

    hypertension is a close companion
    on guard in an endangered psyche
    wading in confusion,

    between breaths
    of my embattled memory,
    I ponder my destiny
    still wandering the valley of death,

    welcome to my mind, my dear,
    would you like some PTSD
    with your tea,

    I seem to be all out of sugar,

  • Johnny Democracy June 3, 2009 8:25 am

    In Memoriam

    Can you hide the pain in the sepulcher of your soul,
    deny it exists with empty platitudes
    that console your complacency
    to the encompassing plague
    that overwhelms your heart?

    Try to censor the spirit
    and it simply seeks the path of least resistance,
    manifesting love
    for your conscience to see,
    so subtly,
    the lesson and the teacher are one.

    Define the crucifixion,
    but do not dwell on it.
    Peace is the message of life
    that must be learned and lived
    within all of us,
    for the sake of any of us.