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Karl Rove is Gone, But his [Bleep] Will Stink for a Long Time

August 14, 2007

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Ed.–Mark’s comments below on Karl Rove are quite severe. If strong language offends you, stop here.

“If the above headline seems crass, then you don’t know much about Karl Rove. Bush’s nickname for him, “Turd Blossom,” has been described as a flower that grows out of cow dung or, even more grossly, as exploding loose bowels. The President understood Karl well, and that’s why Bush took orders from him–because the President thrives in the shit that Rove produced in abundance.

Karl Rove is most known as the man to whom no dirty trick was too sh-tty. From the Swift Boat Liars to the whispering about McCain’s supposed “black baby”, from forgery to bugging political opponents, from flagrant abuse of power to nasty false rumors….

Lies, Racism, Treason, and Stealing Elections were the “Turd Blossom”‘s stock in trade. Remaking the entire Executive Branch into an institution with unswerving loyalty to a dictatorial President and unprecendent hatred for the Constitution was his ultimate goal. And just as some will praise a dictator’s ruthless destruction of a former democracy, some will praise Rove for the brilliant way he turned millions Americans from once caring about their fellow man to their most basest sadistic instincts, from hope and unity to fearing and hating their fellow Americans.

In the process, Rove transformed a Government from one where the parties could once work together for a common good into a venal grasp for power where nothing was beyond the pale. More than any single person, Karl Rove is responsible for the politicization of policy, the disloyalty to country, the idea that “cheating and lying and breaking the law to obtain power is always the right thing to do and country be damned” that so characterizes the Republican Party today.

While I’m happy the Democrats forced Karl Rove from power, this is no time to let this most evil fish off the hook. He has subpoenas to answer, testimony to give, and when he refuses, he must be held in contempt. Rove belongs in jail for his crimes against America (treason being only one of them), and he should stay there for the several decades it will take for America to wash off the blanket of slime with which he covered us.”

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  • Robt August 30, 2007 2:45 am

    I did hear Sen Orrin Hatch was on a short list for the Atty Gen position.
    But again, Republican seats in the Senate are going to be hard to get in ’08. Sen Larry “happy feet” Craig (R-Idaho)is helping Dems out with that. Hatch I read has been on a short list for many years for Supreme Court, and many other positions. But will just stay on that list as he always has. It must be for ego and name recognition for Hatch being on the list.
    The Atty Gen nomination in my prediction will not come from the Senate. Other speculation is fomeone from the judgeship ranks.
    Even a Chertoff nomination will create another hole (at the top of Homeland Security) For Bush to get by confirmation hearings.
    If it is Chertoff, just think of the security and torture issues he’ll be asked at the least? As well as Chertoff’s presence will definately raise Katrina issues that was under his Homeland Security authority. The competency question and lyalty question wieghs him down.
    Tony Fratto that I mentioned prior actually is out for his obvious over played partisanship he has displayed.
    Cheney won’t let go of Addington and the Dems would break out the the cordless power drills for him. You have to know any Monica Goodling Christian alumni need not apply at this time.
    And I plan on ordering Chinese food and watching the confirmation hearings on CSPAN, of whoever gets the Bush nod for Atty Gen.! It will be like Mothra vs Godzilla for the 1st time ever in 3D HD.
    I’m hear to tell you the Dems are going to check personally the Atty Gen nominee for pollups or any rectal dysfunctions how ever minute.
    So I think Bush nominates someone further down the Hallway than Harriet Miers’ door was, for Supreme Court nomination. The nominee absolutely won’t be from the Heritage Foundation.
    And you can believe the republicans will have difficulty themselves in any nomination from Bush to the Atty Gen position.
    You see it any differently?

  • Microwave Dancer August 29, 2007 9:35 am

    Lieberman is remote-controlled from the White House–and operates on used batteries from Cheney’s pacemaker–microwave some popcorn near Lieberman or Cheney–and watch them dance the same jig

  • Microwave Dancer August 29, 2007 9:29 am

    Lieberman is remote-controlled from the White House–and operates on used batteries from Cheney’s pacemaker–microwave some popcorn near Lieberman or Cheney–and watch them dance the same jig

  • Skip August 29, 2007 5:17 am

    I hope you are right about Leiberman.