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Let's Eat Poor Children! A Modest Republican Christmas Proposal

December 17, 2010

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  • AMegill January 8, 2011 1:53 pm

    Robt. You are still spouting party math. If you had any idea as to how those who make the highest amount of tax(and thats who we are talking about, those who already pay 70% of the tax revenue to the govt.) then you would know they don’t get a tax return or refund. They have accountants who figure it to the penny, usually each quarter. So you would like them to give Obama more. How much more should they give for Obama to throw away. How about Obama and the Dems jumping on the stop spending train. How about they stop giving a couple hundred million for a vote like they tried with Ben Nelson and the Sen. from La. for theirs on Healthcare bill?
    Let me give an example on how well the Govt. runs a business. Liquor stores, 99% of the time are gold mines. people pay large bucks to own them. Never heard of one going out of business for lack of customers. Yet the state of NC which owns all the ABC(liquor)stores, lost money last year. They charge the same as any store in the surrrounding states, own the buildings, and the ones running it are Govt. employees. Yes we definitly need the Govt.idiots with their vast knowledge of the business world to run our health care and every other aspect of our life. When you take a never ending gold mine and turn it ino a money pit it shows real leadership. Oh just so you know Up until this election, it has been a Democratio controled state Govt. With Democrat Governors for over 100 years.
    Did you realize that both people Obama just appointed as his advisors are former Wall Street excutives. As were some of his others, now who is sticking close to the money.or as you said in the pocket of?
    Yes many Dems. want to and have with the healthcare bill($500 billion), cut the SS and they say they will only cut the fraud. Yeah right. Why didn’t they do that before? Or they already cut Medicare Advantage, again calling it some thing the privilaged had and could do without, even though the ones that had it paid more for it. Wait didn’t Obama say “You can keep what ever coverage you have”. Wonder how that worked out.
    Where is those who watch Beck any different then those who watch Oberhead or Maddcow. Those that watch Beck want the Govt. to do the job they were elected to do, not special interest, not turn the U.S. into a european nanny state. Do you have a problem with less Govt., less taxes and more prosperity for everyone. Good jobs will do this not more Govt. jobs that take more tax dollars to run. Govt. jobs are a cash neg to the revenue of the country. I’m not saying we don’t have to have Govt. jobs. But to keep adding them and calling it good for the country is false and wrong. So to answer your first statement, add jobs and cut the spending on BS and it will offset the debt and deficit. And your logic about the “Cuts” is flawed, because they did not expire. So the rate stays status quo.

  • Robt January 7, 2011 2:20 pm

    Ifour Gov’t must borrow and pay a return interest on the money that pays out the taxes. (That expired). it is a problem.
    This adds to the debt and deficit because they weren’t paid for or offset by ANY cuts.
    There are many that feel they can balance this tax cut by tapping Social Security.
    That if Social Security wae privatized to Wall Street that would balance the Books.
    They need Glenn Beck fans to believe and support them on that agenda.

  • AMegill January 6, 2011 4:10 pm

    Robt You proved my point as the tax cuts were voted and passed in 2005 have ben the same for over 5 yrs now nothing new. So the cost does not change. You are trying to add to what is already in effect. Thats just the Democratic math. We don’t “Pay out anything they pay in the same amount they have for the last 5 yrs.
    I agree many from both sides are too close to the lobbyists. Maybe that will change with the new year and the new blood. They have been warned by those that elected them get it right or don’t unpack your bags. You may be like Mark and other Libs. But one thing the Tea Party got right is listen to the ones who elected you. We want change Obama promised, Pelosi promised as did Reid. What did we get same old crap, partisan bs from the Dems. they followed Obama’s ideals of “You can come along for the ride but get to the back of the bus”. Dems refused any input from the Repubs on the healthcare bill (remember it was done behind closed doors) and most other bills. Obama has appointed czars and others to important posts by passing Congress. He has tried to get regulations thru that he could not get passed, by Executive order or some other form of slight of hand. He promised this would not happen, Nancy Pelosi promised this would be “The most transparent” Congress in history. Yeah transparent in the fact of how slimey they were.
    How much money has Obama and the Dems spent in the last 2 years, that will have to be borrowed. They spent $5 trillion in the lame duck session. And still did not pass a budget for the last year. Now all the Dems are spouting that the Repubs should be worried about jobs first and not the healthcare bill. Well what the hell did the Dems do for the first year or more. They moved on nothing except the healthcare bill. So now they are giving advice as to what should be done first. It’s like Obama voting against raising the debt limit when he was a Senator, but now he backs it. And called it a sign of poor leadership.
    What was Pelosi’s crime? Lying to the people, saying stupid things like”we have to pass it to know what’s in it” . Calling any one who disagreed with her postions Anti American, unpatrotic, and one time nazi. Want to watch the tape? She was 3rd in line for the Presidents seat. She is supposed to act the part, not act like a queen. Now she stood in front of the cameras and said all the bills passed, were paid for. In what dream world. TARP ask any economist it will never all be paid back, Stimulus, same thing. Same with the auto bailout.
    Clinton lied under oath to a Federal Grand Jury when asked by a Federal Prosecuter. The same as Scooter Libby. Thats his crime. Libby got a jail sentence. Clinton got nothing. Whats worse is he went on TV and lied to the people. Sen. Vitter, isn’t that also sex between 2 consenting adults???
    What is it with you and the “GOP” that is not a union or any thing like one. It is the nickname of the RNC. and the RNC is the same as the DNC. They also collect dues etc.
    I also am a Vet. served under JFK and LBJ. whe I came home I got spit at and called names. We didn’t have the programs that those who fought in Iraq and Afganistan have now. We didn’t get to move to the head of the line on job offers. We got crapped on. So don’t play that card. I paid my dues. And It has nothing to do with National Security when they are talking about closing or moving a base. It’s about money. Remember thats how Clinton got his “surplus”, off the backs of the Military closings. As far as Bush goes he went with the intel he was given, it was agreed on by both Clintons as well as many other Dems and passed by Congress or do you believe he by passed them. So if Bush did things as you believe. Why don’t the things JFK, LBJ, Carter and others did count. LBJ did many things during the Vietnam war just for his political benefit. Carter did many things during his terms that allowed many Americans to die in terrorist attacks. Because of Clinton”s actions, the troops in Somilia lost many soldiers, but was never berated for it like you want to blame Bush for everything including the weather.
    I don’t know which is worse Rangel or John Edwards paying off his mistress, or how about Rep. Mahoney’s multiple affairs. And paid 1 of them over $120k to keep her mouth shut. How about Barney who had an affair with a male prostitute, who ran a prostitution ring out of Frank’s apt? But Frank never knew, yeah right. Oh with Rangel it’s a blooper but with McCain it’s a scandel. Do you really think Charlie didn’t know what he owed? With all his money I’m sure one of his accountants knew. Geitner is a Democrat and works in a postion that affects my life. So tell him to not send the IRS after me if I can’t figure out Turbo Tax. Do you ever stop and think why Cheney and his hunting buddy kept it quiet. Because they knew people like you and the liberal media would make it out to be something other then it really was. Oh my how could it be a hunting accident? Right??? Of course someone had to be drunk or high or what ever, because he is a Republican. Dems. don’t drink, smoke pot or do drugs. Let me see, want to take a poll on Ca. residents.
    As far as the Healthcare bill goes. It should have never been passed. All of the things that are good could have been accomplished with out all the 2800 pages that go along with it. 10000 free clinics would have been cheaper. Medicare cost more then stated, do you think this is any different? And just think the IRS is going to run it. They can’t figure out what day it is and they are going to control my health care? You could pass a bill saying you can’t be denied coverage etc. You can open the borders of the states so the companies can sell anywhere. you can force the Insurance companies to compete by doing this. But Obama did not do that he left those rules in place. He has also now given over 200 companies and unions waivers, which now cuts out the everybody has to pay factor which cuts out the lowering cost factor. So do we need healthcare reform? Yes, but this ain’t it. This carrys a bloated price tag and Govt. control like never before. When Obama said when asked about bypass sugury on a 94 yr old woman, he said,” this is something we as a nation, doctor and family will have to make a hard decisions about in the future. As to cost to effect in procedures”. Now this to me sounds like if your too old too weak or what ever tag the Govt control agency wants to put on it, if it costs to much you ain’t gonna get it. Save the money for younger, healther or whatever.
    I’m still not sure about what you want done about the TSA you want the people to pay for them but you don’t trust any private company to run them, so exactly who would the security be run by???
    I don’t care which party is in, I want them to stop with all the bs spending like, a million to show the African male how to wash his privates after sex. Thats what the missionaries can do. Cut costs and not try to spread the wealth around as Obama said to Joe the plumber. Thats not their job. If someone wants welfare and can work then let them fill some Govt. job that is held by some Congressmens relative. All these shovel ready jobs that are held by illegals let them do those. All govt. jobs are a negative cost to the tax payer. We don’t need more.
    Do you really think you can leave the party line out? From what I’ve read so far, you want to follow them pretty close. Bigger Govt., welfare state, blaming Bush and Cheney for everything. Facts and things you say come right off of MSNBC. I’ve been watching CSPAN and PBS as well as primetime Media. And am sick of the praise Obama train reporting something the derict opposite of what I just saw on CSPAN. I say have at it 112th Congress do it right or step aside.

  • Robt December 30, 2010 9:05 pm

    Hi AMegill,
    I won’t go into what you chose to ignore in my posts but will deal with your last,
    *There is a tax cut, The republican majority in 2003 and 2005 could not get these Bush tax cuts passed during a time of war spending. Even McCain voted against them. The republican majority used reconciliation to shove them down our throats with a simple Senate majority. They were unpaid cuts. If they were full cuts they would not be expiring. Also, when tax cuts or anything else is not paid for, it adds to the debt. Just as borrowing money from foriegn countries so we can PAY OUT the tax cuts and we will have to repay this loan with interests on the dollar. Not very fiscally responsible during a time of huge debt. Maybe laterr when our country is more sically secure. So I/m not against cuts but now and to have to repay the laon with interests doesn’t make the Dollar a strong monetary unit to deal in world wide in the long run.
    So if our Gov’t borrows the money and after 10 years it is repaid by taxes with interest , that final repayment is $3 trillion for these tax cut payouts. Then yes is in addressing the cost of them and NO to the fact that of spreading voodoo math.
    Write or call your House Rep or one of your Senators and ask them point blank.
    *What foreign country will America borrow from to pay out the tax cuts?
    *How much will they borrow?
    *At what interest rate on the loan?
    *How long the loan will be made for.
    *What will be the final repaid (w/interst) on the loan when repaid?
    I have already done this, but I would rather you hear it from your electe congressman.
    When it comes to politicians being in corporate pockets. Do you deny republicans are deep down into corporate pokets?
    Look, I know damn well far too many Democratic party members are. I am not a party blind loyalist that lies to the people behind some bull Shit called Ideological principals. Because Both parties spend, it is just where they are going to spend it and on who and how it could further help our economy.
    Corret me if I am wrong in assuming that you are completely against any Gov’t intervention involving the health care system. What republicans like to smirkly call, “Obamacare”. So if this is ture, where are you or where were you when a GOP controlled House, Senate and Executive Branch passed Medicare Part D? Which included Big GOP Gov’t to make it illegal for an American to purchase prescription drugs from the Canadian Market?
    A Canadian market that used its Gov’t buying power to negotiate down drug prices for it citizens from American companies? Where are you? Like what free market?
    I will never make a defense of Democratic politicians that abuse their positions, use those positions to enrich themselves. This is not a one party problem but republicans will only point out Dems and always ignoreTheir guys. I only point out GOP offenses because I never hear and republicans openly address their own party. Like it is some secret, Reagan’s policy of “never speak poorly of fellow republicans”, or just a biased learning curve. You pointed out Charles Wrangle as a tax cheat. This is true. But was that tax cheat as criminal as any GOP’er that cheated on his? Was Tom Daschle’s offense greater than Republican Mark Foley and his Congressional Paige scandal or the Toe tapping Idaho Senator soliciting for gay sex in a public airport restroom in Minn.?
    What was nancy Pelosi’s scandalous tax evasion, Sex scandal, etc? I never heard of any tax evasion of shenannigans from Republican Senator Reichard Lugar. But It is slear that Republican Sen. John McCain was deep involved with the “Ole Savings and Loan scandal”.
    We can agree on one thing, too many politicians enrich themselves and will sell their power we provided to them when we elected them. As for Geitner, Even paulson, they are not Democrats. They work in a Democratic Adm. What I don’t like is that they are from Wall Street directly and hold Wall streets interests above the American people and the American economic stability. They aren’t exactly my choice for the position.
    You hold up certain good profitable businesses as the modle for Gov’t. Companies are first and foremost “for Profit” They are A moral to any common good of the public, which is addressed in our constitution. I do not like Pivate for profit prisons? Because the reliance on warehousing prisoners to turn and earn a profit, that profit exclusively comes from tax payers. is never going to be in OPUR interest.
    With all the talk and ado over North Korea (especially by Conservative) why does a business as FOX News enter a business deal for profit with Norht Korea? Don’t you think FOX is encouraging and abetting North Korea and complicating America’s interests and security? I do.
    Maybe if we contract out the Governing of our country to a Chinese or India firm and we can all have toll free call numbers for any governmental questions about America?
    And No, I do not think you are stupid as you suggest. Why would you want our Gov’t to be a for profit enterpize? Those that can afford freedom get it? It is so bad now with lobbyists, You and I have NO lobbyists. That is a huge problem.
    The GOP is very similar to a union, they pay dues, go by senority, negotiated pensions and salaries. They have GOP (union) meetings. They raise their groups operating funds to further promote their agenda. It is like the Chamber of Commerce, Business Asso, Association of Business Manufacturers, etc etc. They are all entities grouped together to better control their position and negotiate. Workers Unions is pretty much the same with workers concerns as their agenda. Somebody pays dues to the Chamber of C., Asso. of Manufacturers for them to exist. And again we agree, yes the Democratic Party is like a union too. No one works in their pperspective parties unless their dues are paid and they are a member.
    As far as on a union site if you are not a member you don’t work. Well, some unions are very hyper about that and some are not. Some state are Right to Work and some are union closed shop states. If you don’t like unions, why would you want to work with them?
    If you have some conservative disdain of unions, then just go out and get one of those great non union paying jobs. It is your choice and your principals you live by. Freedom, remember.
    If your not a GOP membre in god standings you are not invited to participate on the site just like not being a union member and not allowed to work on a union site.
    SUnions are not perfect and have their own set of troubles, but I would not want to live in a country without unions even if I didn’t belong to one. What they do for organized voices for job conditions and safety alone is tremendous.
    When it comes the National Defense of this country and the Chamber of Commerce sitting at the table to place private profits of the private sector over national security and do it at tax payers expense just because businesses are addicted to profiteering of our military. Well IF you don’t understand this issue then I will not further explain it.
    As a veteran that served under Reagan, Bush Sr and Clinton. I can tell you I understand military bases and war profiteering a little bit more than most. Just from experience alone. it is ill advised to place private local communities and their sucking profiteering off of military installation of everything the military is responsible for. It can be bi acomedating and also harmful. It does leave the nations ptax payers funding the military to fund the local communities that profiteer off military bases and such. The Mission must come first, sir. Not the profit concerns of the surrounding community.
    The Chamber of Commerce representing the private sector businesses of the local community doesn’t ensure anything for the defense of the nation.
    Earlier you accused me af thinking you are “Stupid”. What are you accusing me of when you state,
    “can’t you figure that out”, over bases and the Chamber of Commerce?
    When it comes to military bases closing or moving, the local economy should never be the deciding factor, never should have prority of the mission of the military. The base doesn’t exist for the local economy and the local economy does not have an entitlement to my tax dollars that goes to the Gov’t that provides for the national Defense and security of this nation via our Armed Services.
    You can’t figure that out?
    You think the Defense spending should be allocated in manners the Chamber of Commerce wishes and the local private sector businesses of the local communites?
    and can still make complaints about taxes?

    Let me address something that I hear from you much, That is GOP good, Dem bad.
    You bark and chase the wrong vehicle when making those claims.
    Try this argument,
    Clinton is bad for for lying about having consentual sex out of wedlock between 2 adults. Morally wrong.
    Who died in that episode?
    What business is it of ours?
    What standing did they really have to force Clinton into a court room and answer a private question about a private matter. What law di Clinton break to be brought into court and put under oath? If you have an affair out of wedlock and your wife and you work it out, do I have the a legal point to take you into court and put you under oath?
    Is any of that criminal?
    Of you might say Clinton’s cute lie under oath was crimianl. But what crimianl law was Clinton put under oath for?
    Berses GW Bush, who lied also. he lied about the WMD in Iraq and Saddam’s threatening of a Nuke cloud over America. Lied about Al Qaida ties with Saddam. I know a bit about Iraq since I was there for Desert Storm. We had recieots for Blistering agents and some nerve agents we sold Saddam when we liked him under Reagan. The Blistering agents were from the ’80’s and had no threatening properties because it has a shelf life of potency which expired. The nerve agents had a longer shelf life and for precautionary measure during Dessert storm were utilized our Chem warefare gear.
    We iended up invading Iraq over False WMD and intell cherry picked reports. Bush lied about Iraq as a threat. How many people died because of Bush’s LIE?
    But he did not get investigated or had impeachmentproceeding initiated?
    He was not put in court on the witness stand and forced to lie to America but lie in such a way that was completely different than GW Bush.
    Do you acknowlegde GOP misadventures in tax cheating, David Vitter and larry Craig sex crimes? Remember, Sen Vitter was caught in the DC Madam raid. he is still an honorable GOP senator, Because after he was caught and weisiled out of the criminal charges (because Nevada only legalized prostitution).
    Tell me,
    Which is more dispicable and criminal,
    Dem Charlie Rangel’s tax blooper or GOP Senator John Ensign and his affair with his campaign staffers wife and having his wealthy family pay off the entire family to keep quit, Using his position to get the husband of the girl he was boinking a job with a Wash DC lobbying firm and he comes back to actually lobby Sen Ensign?
    A GOP VP shot his friend in the face and doesn’t even report this “hunting accident” for 2 days? Did it take that long to sober up? To top it off, his pal that he shot in the face is forced to aplolgize to the GOP VP on TV? What a great outdoorsman, shooting his friend in the face?
    We can fire back and forth over these scum bags or we can leave party line out side and out of work. What do you say?