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What is American Culture?

December 15, 2010

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  • Robt March 7, 2011 2:11 am

    So what is American Culture?
    It is the mogrel not the pedigree.
    There are many that will make claim to what it is.
    “America is a Christian nation”
    “Family values”
    Money seems to be the main value in life for many. it is what tell them they are superior to others.
    “A poor man never hired a rich man”
    Now that is a good one. Because a rich man never hired a rich man to perform his labor to profit.
    That is like the goofy childish saying,
    “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people?
    Sorry, no one ever truly meant that guns left on theirown kill people. Guns do not think, breath or otherwise. Therefore illogical statement formed to confuse the light headed.
    Guns were made and meant to kill. Sure hunting for food was necessary and guns are more proficient than bow and arrows.
    Weapons grade anthrax does not kill people either. its the people that use it.
    There are Americans in the south that hold on by their finger tips that the south will rise again. While the North has moved on from that Civil War. And it was not so Civil a war.
    There are business owners that strongly feel that their employees are owned by them. They have no civil right when they report to work. There are groups of employees (unions) that have balanced that empirialistic mindset of ownership by employers that have gone to far.
    There are those who would mandate biblical law on those that did not believe as them. In the same breath would argue states rights to do as they please.
    Too many look back in time for directions on how to return to the wild west when men were men and free. Free to be ruled by any one who could raise a gang to impose their will.
    There are Americans that will help one another , then there are those that get theirs (so called) and pull the ladder up behind them. To keep others from populating their space.
    There is the worker that busts his rear all day. then the guy who is givin 1 hour of work for an 8 hr. shift and spend 7 hrs of the 8 hour shift trying to get out of the one hour of work he has.
    Is the banker more of value than the electrician?
    When you need a loan the banker is valued more but on the other hand if your in dire need of an electrician and not a bank loan. the electrician is more valued.
    So there is a time reference involved in answering who is more valuable.
    What good were the colonists of the early American south , with their cotton fields without their slave labor?
    There are traditions of culture past that is past on. Such as hunting, fishing. Things that were required to survive in the day.
    Usually history speaks of a 2 sided (hatfields and McCoys) confrontation of American culture. As if there were only evr two (2) sides.
    Christians vs Mormans?
    Which side would the atheist choose in this battle?
    American quilting to the one original musical intrument, the Banjo and its music.
    Culture of the maine fishermen compared to the Texas Cattle barons. The 49ers of the Gold rush to the share croppers of the South.
    America is a scruffy bunch with no specific one dominant culture.
    This has developed a shared spirit of difference that binds us together as Americans.
    At least for the most. There are times in history where it becomes them and us. Like I mentioned, the Civil War.
    That is my opinion and I am sticking to it.

  • AMegill March 3, 2011 10:24 am

    And I quote Micheal Moore on the profits of any company or person “It’s not there money. It’s a national resource. It’s OUR money” Hmmm I wonder how much of his national resources he has spread around?

  • Robt March 3, 2011 3:27 am

    Is it a place whre its citizens get theirs any way they can (legal or not) and F___ everyone else?
    Because if we are, we will fail as a society and country very soon.
    O think it was Micheal Moore who asked,
    “Are we a ME society or a WE society”?
    I wold hope it is more of the “WE”.