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Live from the Campaign for America's Future

June 2, 2005

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Mark, reporting live from the “Campaign for America’s Future” convention in Washington, DC, interviews the next generation of leaders of the progressive movement and the Democratic party. Call in and you can inteview them too!
Guests: Gar Alperovitz, Author of Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our Wealth, Our Liberty, and Our Democracy
Luis Navarro, Former Political Director for the John Kerry for President Campaign and Regional Director for the Democratic National Committee
Chuck Pennacchio, Democratic Candidate for United States Senator from Pennsylvania
Paul Waldman, Senior Fellow, Media Matters

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  • Gordon from Bora Bora June 12, 2005 4:18 pm

    Enigma, Enigma–still trying to jam your commie fixations down our throats while right-wing neo-conism is strangling the vestiges of what is remaining of our democracy
    Do us a favor and quit shooting yourself in the foot with your bleeding misconceptions about what really threatens the american way–right here–right now

  • Edward Nigma June 12, 2005 4:07 pm

    America’s future is looking more like a socialist one, as more and more little radio shows, funded by democrat money, are trying desperately to elect Hillary Clinton to the Presidency. A devout Marxist, she will usher in totalitarianism. And you can bet that the first move will be to strike down the 2nd Amendment, which most democrats believe is a collective right.
    Think it was meant to be so? Then read Levinson’s “The Embarassing Second Amendment” as a primer for why it is clearly an individual right, placed in the Constitution to prevent an abusive government. Even Gore’s loser lawyer, Lawrence Tribe, agrees that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right. Government that don’t fear the people don;t take guns away.
    If America wants a future, make sure that it isn’t only criminals that have guns because the evidence of taking them away and the skyrocketing of crime is evident in Australia. And I’ll bet that no one knows about the muslim gangs there that like to abduct blondes for gang rapes, now do you? That’s not good press, so we don’t hear it here. We hear only what our increasingly totalitarian government wants us to here. Both sides stink! But for now, at least the republicans let us have guns.
    Do your children a favor: teach them to shoot and teach them about communism. The left is counting on both being kept supressed.
    Edward Nigma
    Edward Nigma

  • Dave G June 3, 2005 3:26 pm

    It appears to worse then just a government that dosn’t care about the people. It appears to be a government out to inflict great harm deliberately. I think they don’t like normal people. They probably don’t even like each other very much. still, Fred, I believe we should try to do all that we can even if against all odds.