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Mark at Colorado Conference on World Affairs

April 9, 2006

This week, Mark is a speaker at the 58th Annual Conference on World Affairs in Boulder, Colorado. So if you live anywhere in Colorado, or want to make a long drive, you can hear Mark live on nine different panels. (Keep in mind that Mark didn’t choose the panels he’d be on. He would have preferred the panel “Impeach Bush Now” but that one wasn’t offered.)
During the conference, the INSIDE SCOOP website will post the soundtracks from Mark’s panel discussions at last year’s Conference on World Affairs.
These panel discussions are also available on DVD for a small fee. See Mark in action!

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  • 70% of the people of America April 8, 2006 10:20 am

    If Bush is impeached and convicted–that leaves Cheney as president–is that an answer to anything? Somehow both Bush and Cheney must go
    Have Bush go quail-shooting with Cheney–then impeach Cheney after Dick side-ways-shoots Bush
    Yeah, that might work…

  • Vicky April 8, 2006 9:36 am

    Mark – The CWA states that the participants represent a wide range of backgrounds – does this mean politically as well or are most of the particpants, in general, left in their political thinking?
    Also – how do you personally feel about the way they chose to address the gay issue by naming the discussion “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used To It”?
    Let us know what your favorite topic was for discussion after the conference is over.

  • Robt April 8, 2006 5:38 am

    I did not see any “House Oversight” committee. When one party rule in Washington is partisan to party cause, their reelection, own personal party ideals, etc come before the American people. As many others that have served and fought for America in the military only to return and see what they fought for is over-rided by a one party rule and a zealous religious exploitation that is second only to illegal immigrant servitude.
    One can merely watch CSPAN for a short period to see lack of representation of the peoples Government…
    I watched some Alberto Gonzales, Questioned by the so called “House Oversight Committee”. That is not oversight. Just like over sight of Hot tub Tom Delay’s ethics and how that whole demeaner was overlooked just like the immigration problem as late. What was ever done. This was going on since Regan and ignored since then as well. Just like the American people. As some (lack) of responses and (double speak) I have recieved from some of my Senators & Representatives. This should be a committee for the next time they meet in Colorado, Don’t you? Perhaps you can suggest this as a new committee. That in which a more open and responsive government to the people, not the party line………Give them your best! I feel as though your representing us, your listeners. It is a huge responsibility representing your listeners, in case you didn’t realize it.