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Mark in FOX Strategy Room

March 3, 2010

The fierce debate was mostly on health care.
Recorded 2/24/10

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  • Robt March 12, 2010 4:27 am

    Question for Ron (above).
    Why can’t you carry your weapon into any court room and for that matter into the Conservative packed SCOTUS that supposedly thinks weapons are fine any way, any how, anyone, but not in their court room?
    How does these 2nd amendment guardians like Scalia deny your right to bear arms in his court room?

  • Mark March 9, 2010 11:47 am


  • Robt March 9, 2010 4:19 am

    Hey Mark,
    Can you think of any, any instance of a congressman/woman tht has been recinded, cancelled, drpped, denied payment for medical treatment or their haelth care plans premium going up 29%?
    Can you think of one instance?

  • Ron Shema March 3, 2010 10:29 pm

    Ref your Bill OReilly presence and e mail to me on Mar 2nd.
    Ref your 2nd Amendment position…why are you having a problem, did you not hear the Supreme Ct ruling last year..Breaking News…It’s an individual right…get on with life Mark. Although your side almost won the premise that it’s a gvt right with a close 5 to 4 vote, 4 progressives (a polite word for socialists hell bent on destroying our Constitution by creating new law from the bench) voting against the individual right. Thank God for Geo Bush nominating Constitionalist who can read and understand the Founders writen words that are VERY clear to me. Read them some time Mark.
    If you can’t find them I will send them to you…and they are on my web site that I sent to you…
    Your written position by e mail to me that you are fine with individual gun rights..yep…I know how you on the left think….you would then put in place 45 hoops to jump through and each hoop is monotored by a Gvt employee with a fee and each Gvt office (hoop) is located in 45 corners spread around the State.
    You talk about rights not enshrined in the Constitution…Why don’t you tell Obama and Democrat’s about just that….how dare the Gvt, with your support, mandate that people buy insurance…and if not you will be arrested. The left just loves to violate the constitution granting yourselves powers that are not their. I guess that is what Obama ment when he said that the Constitution had too many negative rights….
    My position is that NO politician gave us the right of self defense and freedom…WE WERE BORN WITH THEM.
    To own a firearm is to AFFIRM that you value life.
    If you feel it reprehensible to possess the means necessary to to use lethal force against a violent attack…How can you ASK another (like a police officer) to come to your aid and possibly give up his life to defend yours?
    When I read the framers own words of record on the 2nd Amendment, (and there are MANY of them on written record)confirming that it IS an individual right, and contrary to your statement … every Supreme Court rulling confirms that. How can you with a straight face on TV take the oposite position ?
    I KNOW the answer to that… …when you told Bill O that courts ruled the other way….yep it was from progressive local and apellat progressive judges hell bent on destroying the Constitution. So you get to state the truth on that issue…but you do not tell the whole truth that those decisions did not stand from those liberal Judges that have an agenda to destroy the right to own a firearm.
    To close I’d like to say that Any Politician or someone like you that tries to deny me the right to own a firearm for the god given right of self defense of my life and the life of my family, is someone that is not a friend and should never be trusted in a position of power….think about that Mark……..
    By you trying to push the idea that the 2nd Am. is a Gvt right but in the same breath saying you are fine with individual gun rights…that is taking 2 sides and makes you look like a liar.
    Yes it was late and I rambled off a e mail to you and called you a name…I will continue to call people like you who takes both sides a name….I’d respect you more if you said…I’m a firm believer that the 2nd Am does not grant an individual right…and follow through with and yes I do not think that any individual should own guns…I would not like your position….but I’d have more respect for you having a conviction and not taking both sides like you did in your e mail response to me.
    Gainesville, Fla