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March 3, 2010

Finally…even the United States Supreme Court can’t stop it.
The video below is what makes it all worthwhile:

My hard work to draft legislation, testify before the Council, and appear repeatedly in court and before the Elections Board on behalf of DC marriage equality is almost over.
Just one more battle left:  a DC Court of Appeals battle on an initiative this spring.
I’ll be in court one last time and write one last brief.
And I’ll be thinking of these wonderful couples.
Mark discussed DC Marriage Equality on WRGW in Washington

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  • Robt March 17, 2010 1:33 am

    There may be marriage equality in DC today, But the next election coild bring a Governor such as Governor Mcdonnel. And with him would come an executive order to reverse it all. The kind of Stare Decisis Justice Alito adgeres to?
    Mark, got to ask you your thoughts on the SCOTUS hearing the Military Funeral protests. The Rev. Fred Phelps gang to be exact.
    As in this here,
    How do you think the Fab five conservative Supreme Justices will coome down on this free speech?
    After ruling “anything goes” for Corporations and their money(speech), do you think they will rule in favor of Phelps and his speech?
    Our speech is restricted in threats of harming others directly, restricted from yelling “Bomb” on an airliner.
    Corporations were granted unrestrained speech rights in elections (as persons).
    I have known that political ralies in front of the building the GOP has their presidential nomination, andy rallies, protests have had to be moved blocks away from the GOP event. Will the SCOTUS conservative 5 rule in favor of Phelps?
    Would they view it as hate speech as “burning Crosses was?