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Mark on Air America

April 10, 2005

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Mark was on Laura Flanders’ Talkers Roundtable to discuss the week’s news, including Mark’s appearance at the Colorado Conference on World Affairs.

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  • Mark Levine April 12, 2005 9:45 am

    Sorry, Gordon, the download worked for me. Did you try again?

  • Skip April 11, 2005 11:26 pm

    Hey there “hell yes” (a.k.a. steve),
    I don’t know if Netflix will include the The Corporation’s 2nd DVD which has a lot of extra info on it. If it doesn’t, be sure to stop by your local DVD rental store and get the full version.

  • Gordon in SF April 11, 2005 10:03 pm

    Mark, dude, your mp3 download stops after only a few minutes of download.

  • madfuq April 11, 2005 4:43 pm

    I have yet to be on any political blog that trolls don’t come into to disrupt and agitate the others that are truly searching for answers or sharing their views.
    The more they are responded to the better they like it, I think it must be their motive more so than even a political view they may or may not even care about. I have seen some that talked one way one day and just the opposite the next depending on who they are trying to irk.
    I know it is hard to resist but if they are ignored after it is apparent they are a troll they soon tire and leave the discussion. Most of the regular bloggers feel at that point good riddance. I too have responded to trolls at least until I am sure that is all they want not a real discussion but only to be devisive, they never have facts to present just rants!
    There are also some of us (me too!) that use the blogs to learn what is happening around the nation and also at times just to get something off my chest with like minded people and those times it just makes me feel a bit better when I am frustrated. (Remember I live in repub central and the majority of my friends are repubs) There is just no one to talk to that listens to anything but right wing radio, or Faux news channel and having a conversation with them would only cause hurt feelings with people I care about. The beauty of the the blogs is the anonymity the down side is not getting to meet interesting people face to face.