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Mark Fights Hard on FOX — Monica Crowley Hosting

April 7, 2010

Thousands of safety violations
At least twenty-five dead (probably 29)
Think FOX’s Monica Crowley will support tough regulation on Massey Coal Company?
Think she’ll even mention it on the show?
Think again.

In 60 minutes, Monica Crowley could not afford ten seconds to talk about the dead miners and the company that killed them. Instead she brings up non-issue (the Value-Added Tax, which she falsely claims Obama will do) after non-issue (the purported Democratic strategy in November 2010 to run against Bush).

The only real issue she brought up is Iran (near the end of the broadcast). The other important issues were ones I brought up (such as regulating Wall Street) and issues the other liberal brought up (such as the nastiness of the Republicans applauding spitting, racial epithets, and threats of violence).

Why do you think FOX is running away from the miner story?
Could it be because even they are embarrassed that a big energy corporation/polluter that they love so much ended up massacring innocent coal miners?
I am given 30 seconds at the end of the hour to address the issue.

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  • Alan April 29, 2010 12:43 pm

    Mark like you always ask do you have any PROOF of the racial names, spitting etc. any video , pictures or Respectable persons saying it happened or just Al Sharpton Jessie Jackson type proof ” We heard someone say it happened and thats proof enough” Remebmber $100k has been offered for any HARD proof and non has surfaced. The death panels were started because of this little Obama interview
    So who is going to decide for the GOVT. which treatment is worth the price for the patient?

  • Robt April 19, 2010 5:08 pm

    Just wanted to let you know in my opinion you presented a good point of view and political stance on the issues in this.

    Holding Monica’s Rhetorical partisan gadgering of democratic party lizards that are treated by Democrats as, tossing them to the wolves” (your words). Verses Republicans that ignore, and abet their parties individuals that exhibit bad behavior was great. You kept up her dismissal of Sen John Ensign, Sen Vitte and the Appelation trail walker.

    She did not want to discuss it other than her meek attempt at frawing the line between Spitzer being a Governor vs Bitter a Senator. Both prostiution and illegal but Spitzer did resign and no republican did.
    Ther was Sen Larry Craig that was arrested in a Minn public restroom for soliciting sex who ended up finishing out his term.

    Congress should set rules in place that strips any congress member of his benefits for criminal behavior. There is no way the public tax payers should have to pay out benefits to seasoned congressmen when they endulge in criminal behavior and break the trust of power bestowed on them by the public.

    I would have liked to hear more on selling insurance across state lines. I noticed there wasn’t much opposition to your position.
    Think about the Medicare Part D. Republican say they want competion but they made it illegal to purchase prescription drugs from Canada for less cost. Even if those drugs were profuced and shipped to Canada from the United States manufacturing Pharma Company. So why is it we can’t buy across country border lines?
    You were absolutely dead on when addressing that republicans screamed state rights for a long time and have moved away from that state rights stance. Matter of fact the Medicare Part D over rode state rights in purchasing of prescriptions did it not?

    I noticed Monica seemed to be on the run by not answering or replying to some of your points by going to her emails (that were useless rhetoric) or she needed to move to others on the panel.

    I would like to hear someone as Monica tell us were those “death Panels” in health care are? I was on the pjone to my republican House Representative and cornered him into admitting, There are no death panels”.
    This was the same representative that sent out email news updates to his district during the health care debate speaking of death panels.

    Now he admits there is none in the bill. Just dragging republicans along, kicking and screaming.

    But Mark, do you think the republicans are still acting as if they believe they are the majority party? I’ve given it some thought and feel FOX and such has caused republicans to act as if they are still the majority party in Washington.

    Your thoughts?
    Because it is much deeper than partisan disaggreement and childish arrogance don’t you think?