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McCain’s Lost Every Ounce of Honor He Once Had

September 15, 2008

When you are being tortured, there are two lessons you can learn:
1) I’ll do my damnedest NEVER to allow this to happen to anyone else; or
2) I’ll fight my heart out to torture, abuse, and lie. If I had to suffer, everyone else has to as well. I’m so angry, I’ll destroy everything I can in my path.

It’s clear that John McCain learned lesson 2.

It’s not just that McCain is now for torture after once being against it and that he refused to join the Democrats in a bill that would ban torture by the CIA.

It’s more than that. John McCain is a vicious, vicious! dirty campaigner. He approved a message with lie after lie after lie. And McCain knew that every word in that ad is a lie.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. The extremely few specifics in his RNC speech were specifically lies.

Here are the facts:

McCain says he’ll do spending cuts, without saying what he’d cut!
Obama has outlined spending cuts, from Iraq to corporate welfare.

McCain says he’ll have tax cuts, but they’re only for the super-wealthy.
McCain will RAISE taxes on poor people who have employee-sponsored health care (the ones who need tax increases the least).

Obama will LOWER taxes on 95% of households with children and 81% of households overall. He will only raise taxes on households earning more than $250,000 a year and on oil companies.

In sum, McCain will give us INCREASED deficits, above and beyond the massive deficits we have now, but he promises us a balanced budget. Bet he’s chuckling to himself about that one.

Obama hasn’t promised a balanced budget, but with reduced spending on Iraq and increased taxes on millionaires and oil companies, the budget will come closer to balance.

The Republicans know that they can only win this election if they convince Americans to believe in some mighty whoppers of lies. Let’s hope the media doesn’t let them get away with it. (That’s why Republicans have to attack the media as well, lest their lies be exposed.)

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  • Robt September 16, 2008 1:02 pm

    I can agree with the Mr Magoo characture. What actually is wicked is that so many are lockstepped with a Magoo?

    How does someone support John McCain when he is obviously already in a sealed bubble from Americans as his lobbyist handle him.

    John’s campaign staff must be telling him that Palin never took pork and did sell the jet on ebay for a profit. Its the rest of America that wants to bring Palin down. When Americans want the truth, the whole truth. Not the half truths Palin cantell over and over and think as a Christian it is OK for her to lie because as a Christian and republican running for office. You have to cheat and steal for God to get that office to do his work?

    Keeping an eye on a bigger ball.
    McCain saying the American economy is basically sound. An hour later Wall street goes belly up without any Lipstick.

  • O. Maggooudiditagain September 16, 2008 9:38 am

    Mr. Maggoo is a sad little act–truly a blind marionette to what he feels is supposed to be his large destiny–dementia praecox is also a PTSD symptom

  • Robt September 16, 2008 2:29 am

    I decided to donate to Obama’s campaign every time I hear a lie from the McCain’s camp.

    I had to revamp my donating plan with all the lies that are flying.

    One dollar for every lie and I donate it in when it gets to 5 lies ($5.00). Hopefully this doesn’t get to expensive.

    Obama’s campaign ought to ask people to donate a dollar every time they hear a lie. Half truths included.

    Because a half a truth contains a half a lie.

    Obama sgould put it up on his web site and embarrass McCain with this donating ploy.