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Reasons to Vote Republican

September 12, 2008

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  • Christian September 24, 2008 10:33 pm

    Love this video… Here’s another that’s similar we did…
    watch Bad Predictions…

  • Robt September 14, 2008 4:07 am

    Go third party, wow!
    Forget the other candidates.
    Here is a real guy that reaches out to get things done.
    We need this guy. Where has he been all this time. A real savior.
    Even the most staunched hard core neo conservative evangelical republican would have to give up on Mccian for this guy.
    He is that charismatic.

  • Robt September 13, 2008 2:47 pm

    It is amazing how republicans dismiss their own beliefs and principle to continue their justification of voting for the worst guy because he is their party and republican.
    Family values you say,
    -David Vitter returning to the senate to full applause by his republican party in the senate for getting caught with a prostitute that admitted to dressing him in diapers.
    -McCain who offers his wife up to dance naked with bananas to a live crowd of bikers at Sturgis S.D. for votes.
    -Mccain will cut taxes while continuing wars and lobbyist influence, by privatizing social security into Bear Sterns. I see John has no concerns about the security of his S.S.
    -He didn’t vote for the New G.I. Bill but continues to market his image as a Veterans veteran.
    -Then his VP pick that has been fully prepped and was ready on day one because John’s judgemnt says as a Governor of a statte near Russia, she is qualified. But has NO presence of mind of the Bush Doctine in the interview she recently gave that was so controlled by her campaign for her.
    -John doesn’t stand by his president anymore. Never even mentions him. Same with Gov Palin.
    – As far as Mccain’s theme, Change, “Me too”. He actually has to copy his opponents theme?
    But his supporters aren’t listening to any of this. They are told by right radio what john said and what palin said, Here they believe Obama caleed Sarah a Pig still. Because when you turn on right wing radio that is all that is being fed to them.
    The right is not responding to McCain’s campaign. The right is responding to the Right propaganda machine. That is where the left wing media is returning out of their mouths that it is the left that has majority control of the media and is biased.
    Rush don’t lie?