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"Mickey Mouse" Teaches Marytrdom to Arab Children in Gaza

May 13, 2007

The Hamas Mickey Mouse teaches young children more than their numbers and ABCs.
Hamas’ Mickey teaches young children the glorious goals of suicide, murder, and genocide! (Translation, courtesy of MEMRI)
And some folks want to force Israel to surrender land to these people?
Al-Aqsa is the name of the mosque in Jerusalem built on top of the holiest Jewish site on Earth, the Temple Mount. Ever since 1967 — when Israel reunified Jerusalem after being attacked by Jordan which controlled the territory — Israel has given over the Al Aqsa Mosque and the whole of the Temple Mount to the control of the Muslim religious authorities (except when they incite to violence there).
So what is there to liberate?What is the difference between Hamas and Hitler? Both were initially elected by the Palestinian Arab and German People respectively. Of course, Hitler had more respect for German Youth than Hamas has for Arab Youth as Hitler did not urge his people to commit suicide while annihilating the Jews. But other that that, the only difference I can find between Hamas Youth and Hitler Youth is Hamas uses Mickey Mouse….
Transcripts of other Arab Youth television inculcating nursery school children in murder, genocide, and martyrdom

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  • Ed from NY August 16, 2007 11:51 am

    Jon Stewart on the Daily Show showed a clip from the Hamas program showing actors playing Israeli agents killing “Martyr Mouse” and replacing him with his cousin, a butterfly, if I recall correctly, that also wanted to kill the Jews or be a martyr.
    MEMRIExposed, you surely aren’t defending encouraging little children to commit murder or strap on suicide bombs, are you? I don’t claim to know Arabic, or how “shooting” in one version of Arabic becomes “not shooting” in another. But I do know about Hitler Youth and the Vietnam Re-education camps and their corrosive effect on nations. I also know about Liberia forcing children to kill.
    I see Hamas as doing exactly the same thing as Hitler Youth and these other genocidal youth organizations fomented by murderous governments. Actually Hitler Youth was kind of tame compared to this Hamas television show, because it did not openly encourage children to kill. Don’t you agree?

  • MEMRIExposed August 16, 2007 1:26 am

    Sorry “Arabic”, but you are not correct. The language you are using is Modern Standard Arabic which the girl was not speaking.
    For the benefit of the readers of this post, the MEMRI mistranslation has been confirmed by various Arab speaking journalist staffs at various organizations like CNN and the Guardian and other Arabic professors and various bloggers. You can find this out by doing a google search or consulting the wikipedia article on MEMRI and the show.

  • Arabic June 7, 2007 11:00 am

    ‘MEMRIexposed’ is wrong, though I think Memri were wrong too.
    ‘bitukhoonah’, NOT ‘bitukhoo’, as alleged above, in modern, colloquial Arabic, means THEY are shooting. Here is a verb paradigm from ?Arabic for dummies? (the ?they? form is 5 from the bottom):
    Table 3: Yaktubu, Conjugated Using All the Personal Pronouns
    Form Pronunciation Translation
    ‘anaa ‘aktubu ah-nah ak-too-boo I am writing
    ‘anta taktubu an-tah tak-too-boo You are writing (MS)
    ‘anti taktubiina an-tee tak-too-bee-nah You are writing (FS)
    huwa yaktubu hoo-wah yak-too-boo He is writing
    hiya taktubu hee-yah tak-too-boo She is writing
    naHnu naktubu nah-noo nak-too-boo We are writing
    ‘antum taktubuuna an-toom tak-too-boo-nah You are writing (MP)
    ‘antunna taktubna an-too-nah tak-toob-nah You are writing (FP)
    hum yaktubuuna hoom yak-too-boo-nah They are writing (MP)
    hunna yaktubna hoo-nah yak-toob-nah They are writing (FP)
    antumaa taktubaani an-too-mah tak-too-bah-nee You are writing (dual/MP/FP)
    humaa yaktubaani hoo-mah yak-too-bah-nee They are writing (dual/MP)
    humaa taktubaani hoo-mah tak-too-bah-nee They are writing (dual/FP)
    It sounds like ‘They are shooting the Jews’. That might sound strange in English, but not when you know, or hope, that the heroic fighters of Hamas are, or will, be doing just that.

  • Ray Hanania May 18, 2007 4:12 pm

    Not funny at all
    Martyr Mouse again exposes Islamic fanaticism; Hamas must go, by Ray Hanania
    In America, the term “Mickey Mouse” usually can mean one of two things: It usually refers to an innocent Walt Disney cartoon character that was always getting into some mischief and fun.
    Or, it can sometimes be used in a political context, to describe something as being unprofessional, ineffective and childishly ridiculous.
    This week, the Hamas terrorist organization has added one more definition to the term, “cartoon hatred” to poison the minds of children.
    The Hamas-owned TV station in the Gaza Strip broadcast an episode of “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” in which it featured a character that looked a lot like an overweight, disheveled and unkempt “Mickey Mouse” look-alike that went on to urge Palestinian children to “take up arms” against America and Israel.
    “Martyr Mouse,” as it has been dubbed in the Western media this week, was encouraging Palestinian children not to raise their arms in protest, but to actually go out and find guns and murder people.
    Most people are used to the fundamentalist hatred that has become the symbol of Hamas, a terrorist organization that distorts Islamic teaching to push Palestinians, usually either young or just plain stupid, to strap on an explosives-filled vest and commit suicide.
    Hamas targets are always the tough ones, like little children and old men and women who ride Israeli buses. That’s their style. There is no bottom to their heinous lack of morality or principle.
    This kind of hate-broadcast from Hamas has been going on a long time. And it’s not funny at all.
    Denounce Hamas
    In fact, it is about time that Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims stop trying to justify this kind of hateful garbage and stand up and not only denounce this, but also denounce Hamas, Hamas hatred, and Hamas leaders.
    Hamas has repeatedly shown that it has no place in any leadership positions at all.
    This garbage about how they were somehow elected democratically is a lie that is just not worth debating.
    So why do Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims allow Hamas extremists to get away with what they get away with?
    Is it because they really believe Jews are “monkeys,” as is described in the Hamas “charter?” Is it because they are such victims of oppression and they lack any intelligence at all that the only response they can come up with to respond to oppression is to be more of an oppressor, to be more of a criminal and to be more of a monster than the monsters they denounce?
    It really is disgusting.
    I don’t blame Hamas. They are extremists driven by hatred. How else do you explain a philosophy in which the entire goal is to use suicide bombers who target innocent children, old men and women and civilians of all kinds to prevent Palestinians and Israelis from achieving peace based on compromise?
    I do, though, blame the mainstream Palestinians. They claim they just want justice, but all they do is scream hate.
    I blame the Palestinians who complain about how badly they are treated, and yet they cheer on the fanatics when innocent Israelis are murdered in cold blood on buses, at restaurants and in schools.
    I blame the everyday, average Palestinian who despite obvious hardships that have been going on now for nearly 40 years, has allowed hate and vengeance to become their leadership, and has forgotten how to speak the words of righteousness. Justice and principle.
    Quit making excuses
    The only response to the “Martyr Mouse” controversy is not to shake your head and say, “Wow, that was a bad move” as many in the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim world are saying.
    Because it is not about “Martyr Mouse.” It is about the hatred that is fueling that kind of garbage.
    In any other civilized community on earth, political leaders behind this kind of pathetic hatred would be chased out of office by an embarrassed public.
    Instead, all I hear are Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims responding to the Martyr Mouse controversy saying, “What else do you expect from a people so oppressed by the vicious Israelis? They are going to do these crazy kinds of things.”
    What I expect is that Palestinians who have even a modicum of decency and self-respect will use this incident not to further bash Israel and complain that Palestinian criminal behavior and terrorism is the result of Israeli behavior, but to show some courage and say what is right.
    Hamas needs to go.
    Ismail Haniyeh must resign as Palestinian prime minister and he should take every one of those Quran-thumping religious fanatics in his cabinet who have used a distortion of Islam as the basis for their fundamentalist hate.
    There is no other answer.
    Quit making excuses. Stand up for principle, not selfishly driven hate.
    (Ray Hanania is an award winning Palestinian American columnist, author and standup comedian.)