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Tea Party, Gold, the Economy, Deficits, Unions, and Bell

September 15, 2010

Tea Party, Gold, the Economy, and Tax Cuts

Tea Party, Spending, and the Deficit

A Congressman’s Personal Budget

Unions and Corruption in Bell, California

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  • Alan September 27, 2010 4:30 pm

    Mark you and the Dems. Scream about the Oil companies and the profit they make. Break down that profit, what would it save the consumer if they dropped the price with this profit. Let’s see 841 million gallons per day(CIA fact Book) times 365 days divided 30billion. Oh wait you also have to figure every other product or service Exxon-Mobil sells. How many jobs do they create? How much money in taxes do they raise with sales tax, income tax, and other tax to the tune of $29 billion or more. Yup Obama has the perfect plan for trickle up poverty

  • Alan September 27, 2010 3:40 pm

    Again you bring up “What about the CEO” that makes X amount So what they are a PRIVATE company. not being paid out of tax dollars of the people.If you were to make a million off of your show times and everyone thought that was wrong what would you say. Other then the far left people really don’t care about what a CEO makes. Don’t like what they make don’t buy from them. Should we control how much John Kerry’s wife makes from Heinz. You talk about O’Donnell not paying tax’s check out the facts this was an admitted IRS mistake and has been corrected. How about Charlie Rangel??, How about the over 1 million taxes they just reported that the members of Obama’s Administration have not paid? How about Mr. Gietner who can’t figuer out TurboTax? You seem to want to only see one side of things and then don’t want to find the truth.