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Erratic McCain, Absent Palin, Gamesmanship, and Fear

September 25, 2008

Yesterday, as a batch of bad polls come in and as Congress is on the verge of agreement on the Presdidential bailout bill, John McCain lied to Barack Obama, suddenly suspended his campaign, tried to get tomorrow’s debate canceled (and move it to the Biden-Palin debate date, which would be canceled), and begged President Bush to personally summon Obama to Washington as well, which Bush promptly did. Congressional leaders told McCain bluntly to stay away. After 2 years on the campaign trail making McCain the most absentee Member of the Senate, Majority Leader Reid told McCain he simply wasn’t “needed here.” When time came for a vote, if the vote was close, he and Obama could vote then.
Does McCain know how the Congress works? Perhaps I should explain it to him. The leaders in crafting legislation, particularly very important legislation crafted on an emergency basis, are the heads of the respective committees (in this case, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, and Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Chairman of Financial Services) with some input from the ranking minority members (Shelby and Bachus of Alabama) and lots of help from the leadership of the House and Senate (Reid, Pelosi, and the others). McCain doesn’t even serve on the Banking Committee! Therefore his help — no matter what he and President Bush claim — consists of voting up or down on the bill. McCain’s been in the Senate 26 years. Either he has a sudden severe case of Alzheimer’s or he’s pulling the biggest political stunt in a generation.
McCain is erratic, deceptive, and impulsive. He continues to show the traits I warned about months ago, that of the inveterate gambler that he is, a man who would throw thousands of dollars on one lucky roll of the craps dice.
Meanwhile Palin continues to hide under her desk, the first Vice-Presidential candidate since the birth of television to refuse a press conferenence. And she’s a more secretive, revengeful, and dishonest person than our current Vice President “treason, shoot-’em-in-the-face, secret-government” Cheney.
Can you imagine if these two loons were actually running the country? A country facing Depression, Massive Deficits, and Perennial War? Can the Republican Party possibly destroy America any more than it already has? Yes it can!
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  • Robt September 30, 2008 10:05 pm

    Going off topic just a little update on the Bush crime family.
    Brought to you by those liberal judges legislating from the bench.
    This came from the “Duke” Cunningham criminal investigation.
    ” Kyle Dusty Foggo, 53, of Vienna, Va., struck a deal in U.S. District Court, pleading guilty to wire fraud for “depriving the United States and its citizens of their right to his honest services.”
    As part of the plea, prosecutors dropped 27 other counts against him and agreed to seek a prison term no longer than three years and a month.
    But, but Dusty was such a God fearing man and so loyal to Bush. It simply can’t be true.
    Remember, Kyle “Dusty” Fogo is a Maverick too.

  • Rocket J. Squirrel September 30, 2008 9:42 am

    Oh Maggoo– U did it again