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Who Should the Senate Seat?

January 7, 2009

Franken? Burris?
Let’s go according to law.

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  • Robt January 8, 2009 1:30 pm

    On the humorous side.
    Coleman in Minn just 2 and 3 weeks ago was publically telling Franken to concede and not cause tax payers unnecesary expenses to count all the votes. Coleman had even made a public statement early in the election that if he lost it is not that big a deal. That he would simply go on with something else.
    Now he theatens frivilous law suits thatt he and his party have railed against.
    As with Buriss, I think most would say that Blogo is still legally the Govenor with all Govenor powers. As long as there is not secret deal between Burris and Blogo. I think he has to be acknowledge as the Senator.
    You have to know that after Franken did his radio show and comic’ed apart Rush, Orielly eEt Al. The Right wingers are in need of some Preperation H to relieve the itch and discomfort Franken represents to those extremists he comically displayed.