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The New Congress

January 8, 2009

Senate battles over Roland Burris
Obama’s proposed stimulus package
And 7,000 “John Doe” letters to the families of fallen servicemen

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  • Yahweh Ornoway January 11, 2009 9:45 am

    Are We There, Yet?
    Mental repression,
    strange sexual obsession
    daring love to expose itself
    without any underwear on,
    where are those evasive elastic panty hose
    when you really need them,
    to hold elusive scruples together
    with tight polymer chastity belt
    and/or adult diaper,
    can be deemed proper
    within this anal process
    of catharsis,
    receding, now, to a dull dry ache,
    oh well,
    survival in a banal society
    does have its cost,
    even if we had a place to go,
    we couldn’t get there
    from here,
    all the while
    true love travels
    its course of least resistance.