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North Korea and Iran (Part 2)

June 16, 2009

What do we do when dictatorships mistreat their own people and threaten the world?
Is Iran on the Brink of Revolution?
Is Korea on the Brink of War?
Mark discusses the same difficult issues of North Korea and Iran with Garland Nixon, co-host of Dialogue.

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  • The Dragon June 27, 2009 8:49 am

    Iran’s labor pains are birthing a national political reality–that doesn’t need the C-section intervention of the likes of Bill(the big-mouth blowhard Czar-of-nothing)Bennet and John(look at me–I’ve got PTSD)MCain
    Obama realizes sometimes the sound of wisdom is silence and the best course of reaction is to just shut the fuck up

  • Hercules McSmith June 22, 2009 8:27 am

    The Asian mind has a Missouri mentality that needs to be shown–if missiles are fired from N. Korea on wayward courses, now, after our continued warnings–they should be shot down–just to show them we have the capability (it’s something our Navy with nuclear subs should be able to handle)
    after our show of containing their force–then, we’ll talk
    if we don’t have the capability to contain N. Korea’s missile launches–fire the Navy–and God help us
    we should not be held to the whim of dying desperate despots acting like irresponsible teenagers–limits must be shown to them empirically

  • Robt June 16, 2009 11:25 pm

    A couple of thoughts on this,
    North Korea is going to have to begin considering China’s position. They are not going to take kindly to N. Korea interfering with their new found prosperity.
    As for Iran, It is the old guard regime that is having trouble holding their citizens froozen in the religious past.
    A-mad-in-the-head does not hold as much authority as the real rulers of Iran. That would be the Moolahs, if I have my facts right.
    Moolahs could concievably recount the election in Mousavi’s favor thus, giving the people what they desire. and allowing the Moolahs to hold control. Because it is really not so much about Amadinthehead as it is the Moolahs.
    From what I am reading and seeing of the iran protests. It looks like a great deal of Iranians waant change too. Their Irani version of George Bush has pushed them to the limits. America went through its own protests for change in the ’60’s and some of it was violent as well. No other country thought of coming in and interfering and favoring sides.
    I like Obama’s position and foreign stance on this Irani election and protests.
    Perhaps if Americans protested (as the Irani’s are) when George Bush was chosen by the Supreme Court over Al Gore. America would not have been denegrated into a failed free market theory pile of muck.
    I do “feel” if the election is overturned and Amadinthehead is out of power. This would be one of the most significant events in a Middle East country in my life time.
    Of course I do not dream of marshmellow skies with Mousavi instead of Amadinthehead. Because the Moolahs are still in place. Ayatollah, Koemeini are still a influence. It does look as though the youth of Iran are tired of living in suppression.
    By the way, have you seen alot of the photos from protests in Iran that the protestors are holding signs written in the english language? As the one photo where a woman is holding a sign that says, “Where is my vote”. In english? What are they telling us?