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Obama and the Economy

September 6, 2010

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  • DB September 9, 2010 12:19 am


    I guess I’ll just take you points in order. First of all, I don’t know to which Democratic tax plan your Washington Post chart refers. I don’t recall hearing that Obama or anyone else has proposed revising the tax structure. We both know that politicians of both stripes are adept at proposing a plan that sounds great—until it gets out of committee (if it gets out of committee.) What I have seen is that the Bush tax breaks will expire at the end of the year, and those making $250K+ will have their rates raised to nearly 40%.

    People earning between $500K and a million a year still AREN’T millionaires. And many, many small businesses fall into that category. Even if these people are millionaires, YOU DON’T RAISE TAXES IN THE MIDDLE OF A RECESSION! One hundred thousand dollars in the hands of a millionaire might employ two other people. They might also spend it on goods and services. (Personally, we have a long list of items ranging from a newer car for my husband to home improvements if we had more discretionary income. That employs people, too!) If I remember the statistic correctly, these high earners are responsible for 30% of spending. Stimulating, huh?

    Next: Yep, you’re right—a bunch of Republicans haven’t cared as much as they should have about our deficit, and they paid a big price in 2006, some have paid in losing their primaries already this season, and a bunch more are about to pay in November. Conservatives have had about enough of the RINOs and their big-spending ways. Even given that Bush spent way too much, Obama came along and quadrupled the deficit. I don’t know about you, but I learned in kindergarten that two wrongs never, ever, EVER make a right!

    As for Clinton’s surplus disappearing, you are conveniently leaving out a few stubborn facts: the internet bubble, 9/11, the creation of an entirely Department of Homeland Security, and two wars. I think these may have run up expenses a bit, no? And don’t bother down the “Iraq was a lie road,” please. Every other intelligence service thought that Saddam had WMD (as did Pres. Clinton and a boatload of Democrats), the sanctions were breaking down, and even our “allies” were selling forbidden technologies behind our back. We would never have heard the end of blame for Bush’s screw-up had there been WMD that fell into enemy hands and were used. It was a tough no-win call. He erred on the side of protecting America. Anything beyond that is hindsight.

    Crumbling infrastructure—hmmn, I seem to remember something about a stimulus plan full of shovel-ready projects that was supposed to take care of that problem. What happened to that? They haven’t even spent all the money. You mean our states took the money and spent it on money-wasting projects and unions? Shocking. And now you want more. Again, turtle-tunnels, primates on drugs, college sex studies (uh.… they’re “doing it.” A lot. Done. Savings of several million.) Amtrak already loses millions of dollars. Who exactly is demanding high-speed rails? You might notice that we are a different country, with different geography and culture than Japan, France, and China. We live in suburbs that require CARS to get around.

    Next, let’s address your concern about how we’d do better under the Democratic plans. You seem to think I’m only concerned with our own personal economic situation. Wrong. I’m worried about all of us and our whole economy. Remember: “A rising tide lifts all boats.” That’s Democrat JFK. What a lie to imply that only Democrats give a tax break to everyone. Why do you think Obama can reinstate the Bush tax cuts for those making less than $250K? Because Bush gave a tax cut to everyone! And yes, they trickle. Who do you thinks creates the jobs—not the lower or middle classes. We now have over 40% of our citizens not paying any federal taxes! Give me a break—how much more of our money are they entitled to, and why? We’re already paying their mortgages, subsidizing their cars, weatherizing their houses, and on and on. (Heck, I even hear we’re now rebuilding mosques in other countries—wait, didn’t I hear something about separation of church and state????)

    Moving on… millionaires keeping score with each other. Yeah, I hear about that all the time in my neighborhood. You? Did you know that the majority of millionaires are actually self-made, and that many of them became millionaires by being extremely frugal, as well as through their own hard work and ingenuity? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So keep your smarmy comments about the luxury of sitting on their a**es and their great-granddads. You just sound jealous. You can also keep your little lecture about feudalism and bon bons. We live in America. People work their butts off, have great ideas and get ahead all the time. My husband’s parents were very poor Mexican-Americans (Yes, legal. He likes to tell people that they didn’t “come over”—the borders moved.) They had third and fifth grade educations. They had four boys in five years, beginning when his mom was 14 years old. They worked as an auto mechanic and a housekeeper. But they sacrificed to make sure that their kids were educated. His mom improved her English by reading “Hardy Boys” books to them when they were little. All four of their boys became successful: a Dow factory superintendent, a small medical business owner, a physician, and an avionics mechanic. Yes, the American Dream does work!

    Funny, the wealthy people in my town always seem to be the ones helping others. They head up the United Way campaign, donate their time, services, and money to charities ranging from the Lions Club, to cancer awareness, to domestic violence help, to mentoring at the Job Corps or the elementary school. I’ve carried donated furniture and clothing to warehouses, helped move a whole house and refurbish, paint, and furnish it so that domestic violence victims could make a fresh start. I’ve held the hand of a rape victim at the hospital. I’ve been to court with a domestic violence victim (on my way to her house when the second tower fell on 9/11). I’ve fund-raised and given speeches. So have countless other “rich” people that you disparage so. Maybe you’ve never lived in middle America, but I have. I see how the so-called “privileged” step up and help those who are not. I’ve also lived in Southern California and New York City, so I could see how if that were your only experience you might not be familiar with the way the vast majority of Americans live. There is definite one-upsmanship among the wealthy on the coasts. Thank God they don’t represent a majority of our country!

    Okay, now we get to the super-ridiculous section. The “Republicans hate poor babies,” “Jesus would be a Democrat, “Republicans just want to pollute the hell out of everything” section. And then you accuse them of lying and demagoguery!!!! Are you kidding?? Wow, the last time I heard something that preposterous and disingenuous was the famous, “Republicans want you to die quickly!”

    More on this, and healthcare reform tomorrow—hopefully. I have Bible study all morning. Believe it or now, some of the “evil rich” do take God seriously.

    By the way, happy Rosh Hashahnah! I love the Jewish people (especially after three years in NYC). The last thing I want to be is condescending or insulting, but I pray that the whole architecture of what God implemented in the Old Testament for the atonement of sin would be seen in the context of how He gave His son to be the one-for-all perfect atoning sacrifice for all our sins. In both contexts, His provision for allowing us to come to Him despite our sins against Him and each other is truly amazing!