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Outing Closeted Gay Politicians

March 10, 2005

Today, we replay an INSIDE SCOOP classic, Mark’s interview with openly gay Congressman Barney Frank on when it’s appropriate to “out” gay politicians. Originally broadcast July 15, 2004.
Is it appropriate to “out” a closeted gay politician when he/she votes against gay rights?
How about a closeted gay staffer who works for a homophobe?
Our very Special Guest, openly gay Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts
and, in the second half of the hour: Chris Crain, Editor of the Washington Blade (Washington’s gay newspaper), which recently reported a gay staffer working for notoriously anti-gay Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma.

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  • Gordon in SF March 8, 2005 1:23 am

    Santa Monica? Mark, when do you make it to the Bay Area? You can sleep in the spare room and I’ll make ya a wonderful dinner, complete with great Napa or Sonoma wine. I still post as “Gordon in SF” but actually I just moved to San Jose, about 45 minutes south of SF.