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Sunday Weekly Review

March 13, 2005

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— Progressive talk radio has finally taken a toehold at the very center of the right-wing media: Mark’s Report from the Talk Radio Convention, with Al Franken and Sean Hannity.
— Conservatives celebrate the end of Dan Rather’s career: how can we really judge bias in the media? Mark has an objective test…
— The Bush Attack Machine enters high gear to attack the American Association of Retired People for defending social security. Is AARP really a group of military-hating, homosexual-loving, anti-Patriotic demon-worshippers? Or is it out to defend retiring Americans? Mark reports. You decide.
— There are more torture cover-ups coming to light. Still no one asking about the 2,000+ deaths of prisoners in American custody first reported here on THE INSIDE SCOOP….
— Why the Congressional Republicans, who came to power claiming ethics violations, hate ethics now: more on the hidden and not-so-hidden crimes of Tom Delay
— Why do you think the Administration rewards mediocrity and massive screw-ups? Is it incompetence? Intentional? or Political? Mark argues it’s the third reason holding back accountability and open government.
— As always, you are welcome to call in or write on the blog to raise any issue of the week….and so far this is a Michael-Jackson-free-zone…

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  • Dave G. March 16, 2005 6:38 pm

    Well it looks to be quiet once again. But, if we move on we may return to find perhaps 47 more heated exchanges. Probably just resting. Time will tell.

  • Dave G. March 16, 2005 2:57 pm

    But…. I don’t want to go to Texas.

  • G. Beranga March 16, 2005 1:19 pm

    Dave–I believe Catatonic State University in Waco, TX offers a course in astral projection/tractor-trailer driving(Dementia might be a pre-requisite)
    Sideways slipping can be viewed daily on “Dance 360”, check your local listings