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Yes, I Was a Nazi Hunter

April 15, 2009

Mark’s on the Leslie Marshall show today.
The attempt to deportation of John Demjanjuk to stand trial in Germany reminds me of my days working for the Department of Justice building cases against former Nazi war criminals to deport them from the United States. Our biggest opponent? Pat Buchanan. As far as I’m concerned, justice delayed is justice denied. Unless Demjanjuk will die on the flight (which I don’t believe), he should be deported pronto.

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  • Eileen April 25, 2009 6:04 pm

    Larry! have you ever lived in a country that was bombed every other night did your family have to nurse back to health the people that the Germans starved and torchered. I know you haven’t. I think you need to do some real research into the war crimes I was very young when the war trials went on and I can still find some of the photos of the prison camps. Did you know that the Russian prisoner of war that the English turned over to the Russian’s didnt want to go back to Russia, they knew that they would be put into prison camp over there. ( my Grand father had to take some of them to ships to send them back befor the Russian’s would give back the English prisoners. Some killed themselves rather than go back.) Read the book on the purge. then spout of. I cant remember the name of the book. But it was of the trails in France. Maybe Mr Levine know’s it. I cant understand countries that let these people live in them. My God you people think that what Bush and Cheney did was torcher open your eyes. It was a slap on the wrist. Spend some time in there detention centers. Grow some ball and stop being wussies. Wine wine cry cry poor terrorist they were waterboarded cry cry we have to help them. boohoo. Before you judge see what they do to there own and ask what happens to our solders. The government keep that quiet,If we fight for the oil were is it. Like we dont have our own.